JDate Party Bust

Danielle Berrin writes:

The August 18 cocktail mixer and "Lost 80s" Live Concert was supposed to be the centerpiece event of JDate’s Schmooz-a-Palooza, a weekend-long extravaganza beginning with an oh-so-LA poolside party on Friday night at the Hyatt and ending with a swanky hotel brunch on Sunday morning-ish.

I didn’t make it to the early evening munch-and-meet, but according to one of the very few JDaters who stuck around for the rest of the night, it was, eh. Shelby, a bright, friendly and confident 23-year-old, verbally expressed her disappointment at the paltry turnout to Joel, one of the JDate representatives running the Palooza (we’ll get back to him in a bit). Shelby was also shocked and offended that the potato skins served at the reception had gasp! bacon on them! What is it with Jewish organizations serving blatantly non-kosher foods at their events (recall the Justice Ball)? Is it really that difficult in the land of abundance to find food options that aren’t treyf?

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