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Here’s the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s 990 filing for 2007. 2006. 2005. JTA website.

I was surprised that JTA’s revenues are half those of the Jewish Journal. JTA gets half of its income from charity while the Journal gets zero.

Mark J. Joffe, JTA Editor and Publisher, made $144, 645 in 2007. That’s about five times what I made in 2007. Yet he has the balls to send me fundraising letters.

On Dec. 18, I got this from him: "I’m writing because I really do need your help. I want JTA to be able to continue providing you with the same high-quality coverage of news and issues affecting Israel and the Jewish People that we did this past year."

Well, if JTA is so important, why don’t you cut your salary in half?

Lenore Silverstein, JTA’s director of finance, made $93,482 in 2007. Ronald Kampeas, Washington D.C. bureau chief, made $84, 637. Administrators Benjamin Harris and Deborah Brown made $55,4023 and $53,390. Editor Marc Brodsky made $51,416.

Here are the Jewish Journal tax returns for:

* 2007
* 2006
* 2005

I was struck that the Jewish Journal operation routinely clears over $2 million dollars a year from community notices. Nice. They had a total income of $4.164 million in 2007.

Rob Eshman made $157,500 in 2007. CEO Kimberly Sax made $157,500. Sales executives: Shoshana Cohen $142,560, Antoinette Van Ness $115,657. Controller Amos Shaya $100,000.

In 2006: The Jewish Journal brought in $4.35 million.

Its highest paid employees were:

* Kimber Sax $152,884
* Rob Eshman $150,000
* Amos Shaya $128,423
* Shoshana Cohen $113,755
* Antoinette Van Ness $108,623
* Lionel Ochoa $92,730
* Jennifer Goldberg $75,043

How come I can’t find The Jewish Week on Guidestar?

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