On 9/11, Clinton Extolled “Ultimate Wisdom of a Borderless World”

Steve Sailer notes: “Ten hours after Clinton said this, 19 diverse guys from a different culture killed 3,000 Americans.”


* One of the simplest arguments against immigration is that immigrants will tend to be biased against the natives.

This is just normal ethnocentric bias that all people have.

But even among anti-immigration activists you rarely see this being brought up. I don’t think we have a commonly used word for it, something like “nativephobia”.

And by biased against the natives I don’t mean biased against the abstract principles of a nation, but against its people.

Terrorists like the 9/11 attackers or the Tsarnaev brothers are extreme examples. But more moderate, microaggression type bias is very common among immigrants.

It’s simple to say “We don’t want immigrants because we don’t want to live alongside people who are prejudiced against us and our heritage.”

* Will people buy that though?

“Oh don’t be silly. I have a Filipino friend who loves Americans.”

Obviously the phenomenon of which you speak is real but we need more undeniable examples than the Tsarnaevs.

Plus the left will spin that bias as “justified anger against white supremacy” or whatever SJW babble is trendy to say this week.

* More insanity from Germany: Cardinal Reinhard Marx, one of the most powerful men in Germany’s Catholic Church and in the Vatican, has been interviewed by Merkur:

Madame Merkel, the daughter of a Protestant pastor, counts Marx as one of her counselors. In her recent interview with Deutschlandfunk radio, she explicitly quoted what Marx had said about the deluge of Muslim immigrants being a challenge that “the Lord placed on our table”.

A few tidbits from Marx’ interview in my translation:

“Many people say that Europe’s Christian identity must not be put in jeopardy. But it’s essential in Christian identity that we help someone who is in need regardless of creed and origin, and treat him with respect. If we don’t conform to this precept we put Europe’s identity in jeopardy.”

“Everybody has the right to emigrate and to immigrate.”

“It’s going to cost us a lot of money. German reunification was expensive, too. But there is more than just German unity! There [also] is European unity, the global unity of the family of humankind.”

“I cannot see that the chancellor’s decision to allow the refugees from Hungary to enter Germany without formalities temporarily was wrong. […] She even put herself above the law. That, too, is part of political leadership!”

The interviewer asks: The Pope wants to give refuge to two families in the Vatican. When are you going to shelter refugees in the bishop’s palace?

“I have been thinking about this for a while and would like to do it. But of course, the Vatican and its buildings are somewhat larger than Palais Holnstein, which today is primarily being used as a service facility with offices and conference rooms, therefore, there is a lot of traffic there.”

Open borders! If you’re against, you’re not a good Christian.

This past summer in Germany was unusually sunny and warm. A kind of pleasant languor had settled over the country that was still basking in the afterglow of the national soccer team winning the 2014 world championship. Of course, there was the usual bickering, the euro crisis, many people finding it difficult to make ends meet, bitter political rivalries. Few people would have said they were living in paradise.

And yet, when Germans look back on the summer of 2015, I think they will say what the citizens of Beslan said after the mass murder in their school by Islamic terrorists:

“We were happy and we didn’t know it.”

* Clinton was always a oligarchic puppet. He established his meat puppet credentials with NAFTA, WTO, PNTR with China, killing Glass-Stegall.

Look follow the money trail. The people promoting this line of thinking are globalists/neoliberals/Davos men whatever you want to call them. They like the notion of a borderless world because it destroys the value of labor and hence you can pay pennies where you used to pay dollars in terms of wages. The whole world would become one giant sweat shop or FoxxCon.

Politically it’s a boon as well. The masses will be at each other’s throats for scarce resources and no longer focusing on the elites that brought them this hell.

If it weren’t so attractive you wouldn’t have the richest men, all major foundations, think tanks and most powerful corporations in the world promoting this stuff. This isn’t about some BS ideology popular with a bunch of Leftist dolts, it’s about, wealth, power and control. This is why the TPTB are so into it.

* I look forward to Madame Clinton and her BFF Angela Merkel going to Jerusalem and saying,”Mr. Netanyahu tear down this wall! We live in a borderless world now!” I’m sure we’ll see it soon after a fork is used like a spoon for soup, a black kid reads a thousand books in one school year, and dogs and cats put that bitter past history behind them.

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