Evan Gahr’s Memories Of Conservative Activist Paul Weyrich

Evan Gahr replies to me about his relationship with Paul Weyrich: "This was an interesting exchange.  One of the few times he ever reproached me was to say don’t curse because it is "beneath" you and unnecessary since "you have an intellect bordering on genius." From that I came to realize that cursing is usually macho preening.  As I told you I heard almost every conversation Eric Breindel had for two years and I don’t recall him cursing a single time."

"Did you catch how I called Hymie (below). My understanding was that when someone is having all kinds of health problems, it’s a Jewish custom or teaching to give him another name. This was right after Weyrich told me he had to have both his legs amputated. I told him about the Jewish tradition and told him I would call Hymie, which of course is redolent of Jesse Jackson. I’m sure he understood the perverse humor in it. He said Hymie is fine although he would have preferred an Old Testament name.”

Evan emails Weyrich: "Hymie, your find synergy with God’s plan is very satisfying, emotionally and intellectually. And a good adage to keep in mind. That’s why I thought single women in their 20s and 30s have so many psychological problems. It’s not natural for them to be unmarried. Notice that Hatch cursed at Schumer right after Schumer boxed his man into a corner, and the only one who looks like a "dumb a–" in this exchange is Hatch for using the expression. Have you ever cursed at anyone?"

Paul Weyrich replies: "The postponement of marriage in the latter part of the 20th Century has caused all sorts of problems. Good observation. I completely agree with you on Hatch. Sean Hannity has said Hatch is a hero for this. I’m with you. Yes, I regret that I have on occasion cursed at someone. I regret it to this day. I came crashing down in the eyes of those who witnessed what I did. Worst of all, I felt so very bad and still do. I know God has forgiven me. Yet I still feel bad because I was so stupid."

Here is the article in question from the New York Times:

WASHINGTON, July 27 – The last time Senator Charles E. Schumer tried prying answers out of John G. Roberts about his legal views was in 2003, when the Judiciary Committee held hearings on Mr. Roberts’s nomination to the federal appeals court. Mr. Schumer did not get far. No sooner did he start pressing Mr. Roberts for answers than the Republican chairman of the committee, Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, came to the nominee’s defense and chastised Mr. Schumer for his line of questioning. "I hate to say it," Mr. Hatch said. "I feel badly saying it, between you and me, but I do know dumb-ass questions when I see dumb-ass questions."

Evan Gahr emails me: "I guess it was a like a younger brother to an older brother. He had implored me, begged me, to stop fixating on the past. He warned me in 2002 that even though injustices were done as he called them if you use your considerable talent and energies to go after these people you’ll only hurt yourself. I did. And I did. But he also impressed on me the importance of forgiveness, for spiritual and practical reason. And God’s Grace. He told me God’s Grace is always available. You can always take it but if you reject it you can be sucked into "Satan and death." I was oblivious to these concepts. He was a devout Christian but he always explained them in non-sectarian terms. Even though he was painfully ill the entire time I knew him, I didn’t reallly imagine him dying anytime soon. I thought he would always be there to faithfully reply to my emails with love and guidance and wisdom. Hey, can you post this picture of us? If you want a link, this explains the context."

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