Conservative Leader Paul Weyrich Dies

Over the past six years, Weyrich formed an unlikely friendship with Jewish journalist Evan Gahr.

Evan emails about the Nation piece on Weyrich’s passing: "This was posted on a Nation blog by Max Blumenthal who usually does excellent reporting about conservatives.  In this case he made a number of factual errors. He claims David Horowitz forced me to apologize and that Weyrich got me dismissed by Horowitz’s website.  The truth is the opposite of course.  I don’t think I mentioned this to anyone but around 2003 Weyrich asked Horowitz to let me write for him again and Horowitz refused.  Nobody ever reported what Blumenthal claimed. This looks like journalism by extrapolation. I only know it in this case because of my personal knowledge–makes me wonder how often it happens."

UPDATE: Evan Gahr emails: “I misread Blumenthal’s article. He got everything right. I’m the one who got my facts wrong. Blumenthal should be commended for including the Christ Killer incident in his final send off to Weyrich. Almost nobody else did.”

Anne Taylor emails Evan: "YOU earned the respect and friendship of a man who changed this country. And you did it on your terms, not theirs."

Evan replies: "And love. He told me he loved me like a brother. And I came to love him like one also. So we decided to call each other brother. I told another journalist, the guy who interviewed me for his book about Jewish journalists that Weyrich and I are so close we call each other brother like black people. I thought he would say that’s so sweet. Instead, like a good cynical reporter he replied, "Are you going to call each other nigger next.""

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