Black Shame in Los Angeles: Thoughts About Supt. David Brewer

Rabbi Nachum Shifren emails his supporters:

We are witnessing the deconstruction of our culture and educational institutions, primarily in our innercity schools, but also throughout America. For decades, teachers have looked forward to their new careers with anticipation and a spirit of altruism: here is a chance to really do GOOD!
What has happened instead, in many cases, is disillusion and exasperation at a corrupted and racist system, fueled by a sordid sense of entitlement gone mad.

For years we as teachers have had to choke down "diversity" in place of standards; "multiculturalism" instead of understanding American institutions and its constitution. For many of us the unthinkable could not be articulated: White, Christian America is under attack. Aided and abetted by idealogues on the far left, we have been forced, through both federal and local mandates, into a suicidal mission to revamp and turn America on its head . What we knew was good, is no longer. The "white man" brough evil to the20world. America’s vanquishing of the evil "isms" of the world has been revised and termed aggressive, "non progressive."

Then there’s the individual nightmare each teacher must face when enforcing standards or upholding evaluations: the fingerpointing, the playing of the "race card" (…."he failed me cause I’m Black; he didn’t pass me cause I’m Mexican"). For a long time now we have sown the seeds of apathy and dysfunction in our schools, a legacy of indifference in letting ALL our students know what is right is RIGHT, no matter what, regardless of the person’s color.

Mr. Brewer, on your watch the riots at Jefferson High took place, where Blacks and Hispanics needed to be quarrantined in different sectors of the school. Not a word from you. Jamiel Shaw, an outstanding scholar/athlete at LA High was gunned down by an illegal alien. Where were you when the administration refused to even acknowledge him in a moment of silence? Where have you been when gangs have turned the schools into war zones?

I’ll tell you where you’ve been: sticking your head in the sand, pretending that there are no racial issues. Mr. Brewer, "…I know what it looks like," to use your words about racism: it’s alot of pandering to Hispanic and Black gangbangers. Your selective inaction is TRULY racism, since you believe that the racial frictions in the schools are best left to (the White man?) others to deal with. ".. .I know what it smells like:"  YOU were appointed to your post through racist maneuveri ng, ON LY BECAUSE YOU’RE BLACK. You know nothing about educaton (you even admitted as such), you have absolutely no leadership skills, and worst of all, YOU’VE BROUGHT SHAME UPON THE BLACK COMMUNITY. It was thought that your military background, and your being Black, would impact the gangs and low academic achievement. But as Danny Bakewell of the "Sentinel" so rightly observed, your type of appointment "has failed miserably."

Here is what we teachers observe in LAUSD: the racism is overt, in our faces. Promotions are political, often dependent upon race, rather than based strictly on experience and excellence. All the talent in the world will not empower one in this insidious climate of "diversity". So let the mantra ring forth: "Diversity Uber Alles!"

Many of us teachers would have been happy if you truly put Blacks over everybody else. We would have looked the other way if you insisted on a cessation of dumbing down the standards, blocking social promotion, reviving a more aggressive approach to language skills of compostion and reading, showing really tough love to the gangbanging and threats/assaults on teachers and students, declaring war on the over 50% drop out rate plaguing our community.

We would have looked the other way if you actually had an agenda, some trace of predilection towrard boosting up a particular race of student. But your despicable performance belies any attempt on your part to show gains. If any progress was made on your watch, it is because you had no hand in i t.

Mr. Brewer, your belated cries of racism fall on deaf ears–at least those of us that have awaited your departure with great anticipation. You could have fessed up to your shortcomings without playing the race card! How ironic that you lash out using words like "contentious, debilitating, and demoralizing." Well sir, the consequences of your two years of misdirection have caused just that to the thousands of unsophisticated students unaware of your ineptitude, taking your cue solely on your claim of anti-Black racisim. Would it be that you could just simply leave, donating you tainted "buy-out" money to an innercity sports program.

Your persona is nothing if not a setback for a genuine Black leadership, sick to death of playing the race card and defiant in putting academic excellence and visionary leadership first.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren
Lecturer and Author, "Kill Your Teacher: An Expose of Corruption and Racism in LA Schools" & "Surfing Rabbi: A Kabbalistic Quest for the Soul"

Rabbi Shifren is a candidate for state senate, district #26. See his platform for all Californians: WWW.FIXLAUSD.COM

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