J Street Backing HIAS Push For More Muslim Immigration To Make America Anti-Israel

Pro-Muslim immigration liberal Jews just want everyone to talk about Israel more and 100K Muslims from the Levant will do that for them, and the more destruction the Muslims sow, the more these Jews can cry about anti-Semitism. This will be helpful as the Holocaust card on its own fades over time. These rampaging Muslims will help give them that support. A few synagogues go up in flames and this will make Kristallnacht current. Regular Jews never wanted Muslims. HIAS has hidden their own polling which was in-line with AJC and CIS saying Jews don’t want immigration period, never mind Muslim immigration. But these are tribal activist goy-hating Jews. And Tribal Jews need to be perceived as victims today to continue to play minority when convenient, and majority when convenient.

Big Jews will always offer a korban (sacrifice) for continued manipulation and to keep “affiliation” (tribal loyalties and priorities) high. It isn’t because they don’t know what they are doing. Rather, they know exactly what they are doing, albeit subconsciously. If this sounds conspiratorial, ask yourself do today’s Jews seem at all concerned with assimilation and lack of “identity” among liberal Jews? How many BILLIONS do they poor into “affiliation” programs? One hundred thousand mostly Sunni Arab Muslims from Syria who are furious at Jews will make these programs go a lot further.

HIAS is now just a factory for importing hundreds of thousands of anti-Semites to America.

Daniel Greenfield writes: HIAS boss Mark Hetfield was whining that when he came to synagogues to promote Muslim immigration to America, sensible congregants asked him why they should support the immigration of people who would burn their synagogues down.

But now Hetfield is touting backing from the radical anti-Israel organization, J Street. Mark Hetfield has been no stranger to attacking the Jewish State so the alliance with the anti-Israel group is a natural one.

J Street’s aggressive promotion of HIAS should give pause to any former backers of HIAS as to its agenda. J Street has been fundraising for HIAS. Why would it do that?

Well J Street’s agenda is to tilt America’s politics to be anti-Israel. And there’s more than one way to skin a cat. HIAS has been aggressively lobbying to import 100,000 Syrian Muslim migrants.

Consider the political impact of dramatically increasing the number of Muslim settlers in America. Congressional districts would tilt. More terror supporters would end up in Congress. It’s the J Street agenda.

J Street and HIAS now share a common agenda of terrorizing Israeli and American Jews. The Muslims imported to America will indeed burn synagogues. And they’ll burn Israel.

That’s the endgame here. This is a wakeup call for any Jews who still support HIAS to end their support. If your relatives support HIAS, educate them about the role of the organization in endangering Jews in America and Israel.

HIAS is now just a factory for importing hundreds of thousands of anti-Semites to America. And why would any Jewish person support that?

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