Australia: A Light Unto the Nations

Steve Sailer writes: We are constantly told that it is impossible for a country to police its borders, but Australia doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. First, it stopped cold its boat-borne Camp of the Saints; and now there’s this exercise in national dignity. From The Guardian:

Chris Brown denied visa to tour Australia on character grounds

Performer who pleaded guilty to attacking his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 has 28 days to appeal

Shalailah Medhora
Saturday 26 September 2015 21.32 EDT

The US singer Chris Brown has had his visa application to tour in Australia formally denied on character grounds, the immigration minister, Peter Dutton, has confirmed. …

“People to whom these notices are issued have 28 days to present material as to why they should be given a visa to enter Australia,” the minister said. “Decisions on whether a visa will or will not be issued are made after that timeframe and consideration of the material presented to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.”

On Thursday the newly appointed women’s minister, Michaelia Cash, indicated that Brown would not be let in. “I can assure you that the minister for immigration and border protection will be looking at this very, very seriously,” she said. …

Cooke said the “high-profile example” of Brown having his visa denied was a “good sign of the times changing”.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Thanks Steve – we Australians have a lot of which we can be proud. We have also limited the influx of Muslims by way of our strongly skills-based legal migration criteria.

However, we haven’t limited enough. We still have too many (ie, any) Muslims migrating to this country through family reunion programs and our humanitarian intake. Furthermore, the ‘invite-the-world’ lobby here has a lot of influence and will gain the ascendancy if the Labor Party wins the next election.

* They say we in California can learn a lot from the Aussies also about living in a drought:

“Drought survival: What Australia’s changes can teach California”, San Francisco Chronicle, Kevin Fagan, September 25, 2015.

A description of the Aussie policy that has worked:

“Would Australia’s asylum seeker policy stop boats to Europe?”, Sara Davies and Phil Orchard, April 24, 2015:

The Australian solution

There were dramatic changes in Australia’s immigration policy in 2013… which have been followed up and taken further…

In 2013, with bipartisan support of those two major parties, mainland Australia was legally “excised” from the migration zone. It was done so that anyone arriving without a visa by boat would not be processed in Australia.

All people who seek to enter Australia by sea, under the Asylum Legacy Act, are no longer entitled to enter or stay in Australia while their refugee claims are processed. Instead, they can be transported to detention facilities in Papua New Guinea or Nauru. Alternatively, under a recent agreement, they can also agree to move to Cambodia.

Beyond this, the … government has also returned some boats to Indonesia without processing asylum seeker claims and, in two instances, to Sri Lanka following a very brief teleconference interview with the asylum seekers on board. That process was widely condemned by human rights advocates, given ongoing human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.

That shift in policy under successive Labor and now the Liberal National governments in Australia has been chiefly designed as a deterrent: or, to use Tony Abbott’s slogan, to “stop the boats”. So has it worked?

…If your sole criteria for success is the number of boats arriving in Australia each year, then “no advantage” (meaning no asylum in Australia) and “stop the boats” (including the turning back of boats in international waters) has worked. In 2013, the Australian government reported that 300 boats with approximately 20,000 people on board arrived; in 2014, there were 0.

It also appears that no asylum seekers drowned in Australian waters during the 2013-2014 period.”

The two problems the article raises are money (darn, that means it can’t possibly work, none of the European governments know how to spend money!) and:

“…the European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2012 that efforts by the Italian government to return migrants intercepted at sea to Libya violated its legal obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights because the migrants “were under the continuous and exclusive de jure and de facto control of the Italian authorities.”

This suggests that similar practices to Australia’s would be illegal under the European Convention.”

That “de jure and de facto control” sure sounds weasel-wordy.

So there’s your real problem. Legal systems adversarial to the well-being of the people of the countries to which they belong. You might even say that the legal systems of many of these countries have been filled with neo-colonialists who fully and confidently expect to have a say in how people run their lives all over the world. Of course they know better that those poor down-trodden others and the racists over which they lord, eh?

* When Chris Brown and his posse got into a brawl in New York with Drake and his posse back in 2012, one of the injured was an Australian woman whose face needed sixteen stitches. I love that Australia doesn’t take criminals anymore. Especially this piece of shit. For felony assault of Rihanna he got community service. Jay-Z should have worked him for that.

* I have mixed feelings about this.

I’m not a big fan of Mr. Brown, but ‘Character Grounds’ seems a bit subjective. It could easily become a tool that gets abused by loud minorities (i.e. radical feminists) to keep out people they don’t like for political reasons.

As far as how it is applied it seems a bit arbitrary…virtually all rappers have bad character (It’s almost a prerequisite in the genre)

I’m afraid we’ll see a scenario down the line where Steve won’t get to visit Bondi Beach (?)

* “We are constantly told that it is impossible for a country to police its borders,”

Saudi Arabia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Israel, and Mexico do not have a hard time policing their borders.

* Closed borders is possible if that is a consistent ideology in power, but if the public electorate oscillates between political choices of open borders and closed borders, open borders wins out. We need a better strategy that is more resistant to a finicky, manipulated electorate.

* I’m sure Australia can survive without the ‘talents’ and the presence of a Chris Brown. I was delighted when, a few years ago, the British singer formerly known as Cat Stevens turned up on the US ‘no fly’ list. While I happened to like Mr. Stevens work and his conversion to Islam was made before this ‘faith’ hit #1 on the world terror charts, it serves a useful purpose to let celebrities know
the world is not their oyster and they can have their wings clipped just like anyone else.

* Hell, Canada keeps freaking drunk drivers out. You can kiss off visiting Canada if you got sozzled and busted years and years before. Wifebeating and brawling would likely get you lynched right there at the border. Civilized people, those Canadians. It is a privilege (literally) to visit their country.

* Pretty sure historian David Irving was refused entry to Aust due to his writing.

* As an Australian let me tell you that this is just pro-feminist signaling on the part of the Australian government. There’s nothing laudable here, just more of the constant “men are bad and dangerous” drumbeat that has turned Australian women into unhappy, fat and angry feminists. By the way, there are no racial overtones to this story in Australia. He’s an American pop star to us, race is not really germane.

* Australia has it’s own problems. The Australian economy depends on the Chinese construction bubble, Chinese/Indian uni-student fees, recycling money in hospitality, selling raw resources and exporting live animals for Muslims to slaughter them.
Also our immigration policy has been under near-constant attack from both the government and private mass-media, I’m not sure how long it will last.

* If you pause to think about it, the bizarre nature of this “character” BS is laid bare.

Men get into fistfights all the time. A bigger guy bashes up a smaller guy, cops break things up, all goes on as before.

Chris Brown, however, is having his career targeted and his international travel restricted because he beat up a woman.

Meanwhile, we are treated to an endless chorus of Ronda Rousey’s blatherings about how she can beat up any man alive. And how those two Army ranger chicks are bigger and badder than all the males in the armed forces.

Has no one noticed the absolute incongruence of these tales?

If Ronda Rousey is so fricking badass then Chris Brown did nothing wrong.

* Let’s not get too excited about Australia. The legal migration is deplorable – and the vast majority of it is from the 3rd world. The rate of Chinese & Indian migration has totaled 1 million, each. Singh is now the most common surname, outnumbering Smith, Armstrong & Jones which were once the most common surnames. We haven’t had the rates of violence against whites as experienced in Europe & the UK, but I’m sure that won’t be too far off. There is also a big element that is pro-mass immigration and enjoys it when we get illegal immigrants coming here, especially if it is by boat. I’m not joking or exaggerating about this either. They love it. Can’t get enough of it.
As for this Chris Brown thing – Julien Blanc wasn’t allowed here either – something about violence towards women or woman hating. I couldn’t care less about either of them, but it’s just another example of PC Totalitarianism – do they honestly think Brown & Blanc are going to come here with the express intention of physically abusing women? They probably do, but no point in going on about it, good citizens don’t think, right? Right? Damn right!

* Australia still has ridiculously high levels of legal immigration. While the country’s immigration program is geared toward skilled migrants, the irreversible demographic and cultural changes it is imposing on what was once a 98 percent ethnically European country are immense. Australia is rapidly becoming a colony of China and India.

As Frank Salter has noted: “Anglo Australians, still almost 70 percent of the population, are presently being displaced disproportionately in the professions and in senior managerial positions by Asian immigrants and their children. The situation is dramatic at selective schools which are the high road to university and the professions. Ethnocentrism is not a White disorder and evidence is emerging that immigrant communities harbour invidious attitude towards Anglo Australians, disparaging their culture and the legitimacy of their central place in national identity.”

* Sailer would not be allowed into Oz for sure on the grounds he’s a racist. As a matter of fact, pretty much his entire blog would be prosecuted under Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

There is certainly a high demand for free speech websites and blogs etc for Australians and Sailer’s meets that need. Freedom of speech is a market that Australia has vacated and you people, under our free trade agreement we have with each other as reward for the Iraq War, can supply that market, so long as you keep your sites not on our shores*. It’s one of those jobs Australians just won’t do! (Well, we are not allowed to do them on pain of prosecution).

People banned from Oz recently:

Tyler The Creator
Julien Blanc
Snoop Dogg

(Snoop Dogg’s banning was promoted by

Of course there’s been a long term banning of David Irving and Gerry Adams.

I’m sure the list could go on if I tried to google it all.

Just as you have the market cornered in free speech we have the market cornered in banning things.

We have successfully criminalised cigarette smokers with a standard pack being now upwards of AUD$20 (and that’s a cheap pack). Banning alcohol is next cab off the rank I can assure you with a lot of media noise on the subject these days.

So, let’s not get carried away Mr. Sailer with that light on the hill business. That sort of talk is a Yank’s remit anyway 🙂 Consider us more of smouldering ruin of liberty, with a few last ditch flare ups here and there. After all, I’m willing to bet we are one election away from all the illegals back in their boats and on their way again.

Plus, don’t forget, we are inextricably tied to Asia as our historically high legal immigration intake demonstrates. As Murdoch said back in 1999:

It is a pity to see immigrant numbers declining. Australia needs to recommit itself to the challenge and opportunity of large scale immigration. We should think of ourselves as a brilliant basketball team, eager to choose the first draft of human talent – intellectual and entrepreneurial talent, and what might be termed the talent of animal spirits – from anywhere in the world. Living next to Asia gives us an obvious source of highly talented immigrants.

John Howard met Murdoch’s target and raised him a few hundred thousand per annum.

*Actually, better get some legal advice on that as I know other similar racial vilification acts do have the authority to prosecute even those who are not Oz citizens and not residing in Oz. How they would go about extraditing Sailer is another matter but the law certainly has provisions for it.

* I’ve never counted the number of people I know who’ve moved to Australia permanently, but its a lot! Australia is widely viewed as the promised land over here.

If its any consolation, you can be sure their kids will be Australians and nothing else, and not some hyphenated variety.

* The left in Australia are having another who-whom struggle. They can’t figure out if it’s OK to ban a misogynist if he is black.

* Let’s not discount Europe’s geographic advantage. The Mediterranean, regardless of how much it narrows in Gibraltar, is a fine barrier for an advanced nation. The maritime border between Greece and Turkey bears closer scrutiny, but it’s still water, and it requires boats to pass. The land border of Turkey in Europe is an easily blockaded strip of land. Unless the Russians start funneling refugees (who would not get such a good reception on the borders of Russia’s neighbors), there is no reason why Europe cannot be Australia.

* I live in the USA so have to figure out the Australian situation from afar. The Australian commenters here are very helpful with this. So….. Australian whites are on a more high class suicide course than America’s whites. We bring in some hi-IQ people but for the most part we allow in (legally and illegally) uneducated third worlders who are mostly Hispanic. Australia is keeping out uneducated, low class, non-English speaking third worlders. Australia has zero illegal immigration (so it seems) though I wounder what they do with visa over-stayers which is a major source (40%) of illegal immigration in America.

Instead Australia’s legal immigration system is allowing in the educated, skilled, English speaking of Asia with China and India sending them the most. By denying boat people entry this is excluding Muslims. So their immigration is slanted against Muslims and slanted towards the educated and well to do of Asia.

Conclusion: The extermination of traditional white-European Australia which built Australia (and the only slaves were white!) and died for Australia, will come via legal immigration. The multi-Kulti leftist dreams will be realized as traditional Australia loses its nerve and becomes an Asian populated nation with a white minority. What a cave in!! And they (whites) can feel OK about it because it is all done legally.

* I read a comment at another blog that suggested there may actually be a conscious effort by the Chinese to gradually insert large numbers of Chinese into Canada/Australia so that eventually the numbers will have the effect of moving politics in those countries in a direction favourable to China.

Both countries are huge exporters of resources and have tiny populations when compared to China…shifting say 5-10 million people is inconsequential to China, but can have a huge effect on politics in Can/Aus, this can have consequences for the US down the road.

* China is always happy to see its people leave and establish themselves overseas. Lowly Panama has been flooded by Chinese. Chinese can have as many children as they like (and can support) outside of China. So these populations will be growing fast.
Overseas Chinese will establish business networks with their (always!!) real homeland China and with other overseas Chinese. This is a slow growing threat worldwide to all who are not Chinese. I would not allow any Chinese to move here or study here in America. Other Asians would be allowed in from nations that are not economic and civilizational rivals like the Chinese are. For example, I have zero problem with Vietnamese and Koreans coming here legally. Japanese are OK too.
We get too many scammers, Muslims and affirmative action beneficiaries from India/Pakistan so no immigration for them for 20 years, then re-think it. I can dream can’t I?

Chinese spies in America? We are flooded with them. They are not full blown spies but they gather industrial secrets and send them home. Look for younger and techy Chinese students to be doing this as they steal from universities they do research at and companies that employ them. Done for money and loyalty to China.

* Australia currently has a centre-right liberal government which is doing pretty well at controlling refugee immigration, but way too liberal on economic immigration.

Large scale immigration from Asia is sending house prices surging and destroying affordable family formation for working and lower-middle class whites. It’s also means more mouths to feed from the country’s resource-based economy. The dilemma for voters in Australia and New Zealand is that the centre-right is ok at policing the borders and checking refugee immigration, but is too liberal with economic immigration, while the centre left is a bit better on economic immigration and AFF, but is too liberal on refugee immigration and too slack on issues like immigrant related crime.

* Lee Kuan Yew actually said explicitly in several interviews that he believed that yellow could only mix with yellow, brown with brown, white with white and so on. Otherwise problems would arise.

In some ways Australia’s position is more precarious than Europe’s, as the Asians who migrate here are actually functional and highly-competitive in the job-market; without any need for affirmative action. The universities really highlight the difference in attitudes, while whites are off partying or traveling; Chinese end the night asleep on the keyboards in the library. I remember many times being virtually the only white (sans a German exchange student or two) in the entire faculty past about 7-8PM.

* Not only are the Chinese that I’ve meet (sure, not the largest sample in the world, but not that small either) not anti-government, they are extremely, almost unthinkingly, pro-Chinese ethnically. The educated Chinese I’ve known are the most openly pro-their-race people I’ve met, perhaps because it doesn’t even occur to them not to be. They will openly say things in a mixed-race group like “it’s a great neighborhood, it’s being taken over by the Chinese!” Like a fish in water, they seem to see this as natural, which it probably is.

* Not a looter, just an undocumented shopper.

Not a rapist, just an undocumented lover.

Not a knockout gamer, just an undocumented boxer.

Not a stabber, just an undocumented surgeon.

Not a carjacker, just an undocumented passenger.

Not a hijacker, just an undocumented pilot.

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