Blog: Haredi Rabbi says Muslim invasion of Europe is ‘excellent news’ because “Edom” (Christianity) must be destroyed before “Messiah” can “return”

Blog: An extract from a talk by apparently Chabad-associated Rav David Touitou. Full video here.

The rabbi says: “The Messiah of Israel will only come when Christ, Europe, Christianity are totally defeated. Therefore I ask you, is this good news that Islam is invading Europe? Yes, this is great news!”

I don’t think the goyim appreciate it when Jews say they need to be destroyed to bring the Jewish Messiah.

I wonder how many Jews are going to get killed because of what this rabbi said?

Here are a selection of the comments on this Liveleak video:

* rare glimpse into the modern jew and how they see goyim. i tell ppl all the time they are no better than muslims, and they just stare at me like wtf

* death of Israel would be even nicer. This cancer together with their GCC puppets get more and more annoying by the hour. 😀 I believe what will follow as a response will make Auschwitz look like a walk in the park. Anmd they will have only themselves to blame, the jihad Air force aka Israel.

* I don’t think nazi describes what lies ahead even remotely. What we are witnessing is a demographic time-bomb, and in 20 years from now, when muslim popullation starts counting in elections and starts placing their own people in rellevant positions, people will start realising that a suicide on slow motion has been in the making and, unless swift and brutal reaction is taken, that will mean the end of Europe. There will be nowhere to deport or expel the muslims (their countries sent them for a reason, no way they’re taking them back) and when full understanding of the problem is achieved, the solution will be crystal clear. History repeating itself…over and over again, despite all the political correctness bullshit and pandering we are suffering these days.

* Don’t come crying for refuge when the Muslims try to cut your head off and rape your goats.

A French pop group uses the rabbi’s words to start an angry video:

Daniel Sayani: “What a complete and utter fool. I suppose he wants Jews to be slaughtered and oppressed as dhimmis.”

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