A Taste Of Limmud

LimmudLA is Feb. 13-16.

I’m gonna do a fundraiser on my site to send me to LimmudLA.

I’ll trade back rubs and script consultations for room and board.

Tonight’s program is 1.5 miles away.

It’s cold out. It might snow tonight down to 2,000 feet.

I listen to a CD of Henry Miller’s book "Tropic of Cancer" while I walk.

I arrive ten minutes early. It’s 7:20 p.m. I beat everyone to the show but the organizers.

Such shame. Why must I make it so obvious that I have no other prospects on a Saturday night?

Oy, I lug my Seraphic Press man purse inside and my big heavy leather jacket.

The heat is on. The heat is oh on. It’s on the street.

I drink Sleepytime tea. I eat two chocolate chip cookies. I have two helpings of fruit.

I engage in "Nefesh Bliss" — a Jewish yoga class taught by Rebecca Rosen.

I’m so tired I can’t raise my hands above my head for longer than 30 seconds.

I want to go to the "Why can’t LA Jews support great art?" class but I am too tired to leave my chair. I catch Lisa Klug’s class on "Cool Jews." The concept troubles me. If Jews are cool today, then surely a day will come when Jews are not cool. Oy, then there will be camps. I’ll die in the camps. I’m so tired. I can’t move my arms.

It’s a long walk home.

There’s Rabbi Weil’s house. There’s Rabbi EtShalom’s. There’s Rabbi Kanefsky’s.

It’s cold.

 Boss:  bum
 Boss:  you’re the blackest jew i know
 Boss:  your hebrew name is charcoal
 Luzdedos1:  i will flourish during the obama years
 Luzdedos1:  get a job at the post office
 Boss:  bum
 Boss:  where  is your sense of ambition
 Boss:  you are not a jew
 Boss:  i hope your phone is working tomorrow

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