Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write Black Panther Comic for Marvel

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* That actually explains a lot about him. Didn’t he grow up in a gang-infested area of Baltimore? That must have been a terribly stressful environment for a nerdy little kid who was into comic books and Dungeons and Dragons. He probably would have turned out different if he’d grown up around more white kids, where he would have found a natural home with all the other geeky kids.

* In the first issue of “Black Panther”, our hero, Michael Trayvon Coates, a mild mannered community activist and provider of school breakfasts to poor African American children, and having previously dabbled in the themes and writings of Rousseau, Thomas Paine, and Voltaire, is galvanized as he sees persons who are defined as black systematically robbed of their skittles, blunts, and bodies and joins forces with other SJW’s to form the Black Lives Matter Brigade (BLMB), and, using his own superhero skill of managing to conceal himself and disorient evil doers by generating impenetrable clouds of rhetorical fog, assumes the identity of BLACK PANTHER …..

* Whatever payment it takes to get the Black Bodies to accept repatriation to Africa (including of course renunciation of US citizenship, surrender of US passport, etc.) will be a bargain. As in, the greatest f*****g bargain of all time. I know it will never happen, but daydreaming about it really picks up my spirits when I’m blue.

* Coates is one Jewish co-author away from world domination. He should reach out to Jonathan Lethem or Michael Chabon to co-author a Black Panther graphic novel. Per Christopher Cladwell, Chabon is already a sycophant of Coates.

* I hope they show the Black Panthers fighting price-gouging Jewish slumlords. That’d make me buy the comic.

* The Atlantic always used to be a tony, hoity-toity upper middle-class magazine with intellectual aspirations. Are they proud that one of their regular contributors is a comic-book writer? More evidence, if more were needed, that our culture has become a heap of execrable garbage.

* I knew the Atlantic was on the way down when they did a gushy cover article on Britney Spears. My suspicion was confirmed when they did another ridiculous article about Kanye West, calling him “America’s Mozart.” I think the same author wrote both articles.

* It shouldn’t be forgotten that comic books are a form of pulp fiction. By and large the stories are formulaic and forgettable. I expect TNC’s contribution to be par for that course.

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