Ann Coulter & The Jews

The Jewish Libertarian blogs:

Don’t think I’m upset because she said “How many #$%ing Jews are there in the US?” I couldn’t help agreeing with her tweets. The republican obsession with Israel, due the Evangelicals, is quite distasteful and dangerous. Her sudden distaste with Republicans was actually quite refreshing.

How many of us have used that language describing a different group of people? Almost all of us. And she wasn’t even insulting Jews in the sentence. But HOLOCAUST HOLOCAUST, it’s immediately goes into “antisemitism” and reductio ad Nazism and Ann Coulter is the next Eva Braun.

She’s a bad person, but not because of this tweet. And she certainly doesn’t hate Jews any more than she hates pretty much everybody. She’s not anti-semitic. She’s misanthropic.

How many #$%ing Jews spend their time bomb sniffing for anything less than sensitive written about them?

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