Saturday Night In Salt Lake City III

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Chaim Amalek emails: Where Luke once hobnobbed with the Blogger Elite of LA (thanks to the late Cathy Seipp), he now hangs out with the likes of Marc Gafni in Utah. Even Elliot Stein is giving Luke a wide berth these days. And "Emma" (who I suspect was —- —- in his cruelest stunt yet) is nowhere to be seen. Even the twinkness that once might have saved the day has left him, its former home covered by a Taliban beard. Where and how does this all end for Luke? Predictions? Mine are:

-at the Salvation Army,
-Luke joins a cult
-Luke starts a cult
-a brief bout of homelessness broken by a family intervention that sees Luke’s return to Australia
-Luke simply vanishes
-Luke shows up on your doorstep, religious texts in tow
He finally sees the light, shaves off the beard, and makes one final and successful play for the love of Holly Randall, otherwise forever destined to be The One He Should Have Married.

Khunrum emails: In the short term I see Luke hanging from a sling in a Utah Dungeon whilst deranged Jewish/Buddhists whack him on the arse with a spiked paddle and Luke screams "Thank You Sir…….I’ll have another"….Luke, were you always this kinky or did you grow into it?

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