Ann Coulter & The Jews

Many critics of Jews rejoiced in Ann Coulter’s Wednesday night tweets.

I see the world as full of different groups with different interests. The pro-Israel crowd is sometimes pro-America but sometimes not. The pro-America crowd is sometimes pro-Israel but sometimes not.

In the Middle East, the stronger Israel is, the weaker the Arabs appear.

England’s foreign policy for centuries has been based on dividing its continental competitors and encouraging them to feud with each other. Israel’s foreign policy, at times, reminds me of this.

About 95% of American Jews are Ashkenazi and identify as white. Jews generally prefer whites to other races, prefer to marry whites than other races, and prefer to live around whites. A tiny number of American Jews, however, loudly proclaim they are not white. Why? Because the flight from white is massively incentivized.

Jews leaders in the West have generally tried to make their Gentile host nations more tolerant of diversity, more multi-cultural, multi-racial, more divided, and less cohesive. They want Gentile nations to be user-friendly for Jews. For instance, every major American Jewish organization including the Orthodox Union and Agudath Israel supports immigration amnesty.

Former ADL head Abraham Foxman said in 2013: “How do we balance the drive for assimilation with the interests of our community? That’s the Catch-22 of the ADL. We make America as user-friendly to Jews as possible. So, who’s worried about Jews wanting to be Jews? But that’s been the struggle in American Jewish life for as long as I can remember.”

When critics of Jews complain about “Jewish supremacy,” they don’t mean that Jews are supreme in everything. They don’t mean that Jews dominate the energy industry or that Jews dominate white nationalist movements or basketball or farming or extreme sports. They mean that Jews enjoy disproportionate influence in certain sectors of society, such as media and banking and politics. This seems true to me.

On the other hand, you could convincingly argue that blacks are the most important people in this country because they shape all our discussions about crime and punishment, welfare, education, and the like. They are the most likely to riot. They have many gifted charismatic speakers who command your attention.

On the other hand, you could argue that the Japanese are the superior race or the Germans or the Chinese. You could complain about the Saudi Lobby and have very good reasons for your complaints.

I don’t get in a tizzy when people accurately point out black power, Mexican power, latino power, Jewish power, Saudi power, Arab power, Chinese power, Japanese power, etc. Many groups exercise disproportionate power in different parts of life, including Jews. Pointing out the obvious should not be a thought crime deserving of expulsion from polite society. Adding the word “f*******” to a group is not heinous. Only a wuss who lacks self-awareness gets upset about that.

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