Ann Coulter’s Critics Don’t Bother Making An Argument

They just call her names.

Welcome to the Ashkenazi debating style. Attack the person, hurl insults, and don’t bother with coherence.

There are only two honorable debating techniques — to challenge facts and logic. Ann Coulter’s critics don’t bother to do either.

Jews and non-Jews I encounter often talk about groups with the prefix of “fuc****.” I hear people all the time complain about bleeping blacks, latinos, goyim, Jews, Muslims, etc.

It must suck to be such an oversensitive pussy to get all hot and bothered by such elementary remarks.

Of course Jewish activists are over-reacting to Ann Coulter’s tweets. Does this routine over-the-top hyperventilating serve Jews by intimidating the goyim or is it just preparing a massive death pit for Jews or is it just another tempest in a tea pot massively incentivized by our current moment and has nothing, in the final analysis, to do with Jews?

From the and JTA:

Christians United for Israel excoriated Coulter in a news release.
“Ann Coulter’s tweets this evening concerning Israel were completely inappropriate,” spokesman Ari Morgenstern said in the statement. “The U.S.-Israel relationship is both a moral and strategic imperative. There are tens of millions of Christians in this country who stand with the Jewish state.”
Jonathan Greenblatt, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, described Coulter’s remarks as “hyperbolic and hateful.”
“Ms. Coulter is pandering to the basest of her base. Her messages challenging the candidates’ support for Israel were offensive, ugly, spiteful and borderline anti-Semitic,” Greenblatt wrote in a statement. “Her tweets give fodder to those who buy into the anti-Semitic notions that Jews ‘control’ the U.S. government, wield disproportionate power in politics, and are more loyal to Israel than to their own country.”
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said, “Ann Coulter asks ‘how many f—ing Jews’ are there in America and then blithely dodges Fox News’ direct challenge of her gratuitous anti-Semitic slur. Disgusting. And if a simple ‘I am sorry’ is beyond the reach of the vocabulary of this noted wordsmith, then perhaps she has unearned her spot among top tier political pundits.”

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