Steven Pinker: “Replicability Crisis in Psych DOESN’T Apply to IQ: Huge N’s, Replicable Results. But People Hate the Message.”

From Steve Sailer: Screenshot 2015-09-19 17.09.32

Steven Pinker’s tweet makes the same point about the Replicability Crisis in psychology that I made recently: IQ research is almost boringly replicable.

Pinker’s link directs us to the big International Society for Intelligence Research conference going on through Sunday in New Mexico. From the program, here are conference highlights:

Screenshot 2015-09-19 17.16.50

Dr. James Thompson has been blogging at Psychological Comments about the conference, with many posts on new studies.

By the way, a survey was undertaken at the 2013 ISIR conference to rate 26 different journalistic outlets on reliability on IQ-related topics. I think the results deserve to be mentioned in Wikipedia.

For a basic introduction, here’s my 2007 IQ Frequently Asked Questions list.

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