These Stars Will Totally Do Your Bar Mitzvah

Link: In April 2015, the “Starships” rapper set the bar for bar mitzvahs sky high, when she performed at 13-year-old Matt Murstein’s coming of age party at The Pierre Hotel in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. [Nikki] Minaj performed a private set of seven songs, snapped pictures with the teens on Matt’s step and repeat, and even doled out a little life advice to the crowd. Matt’s dad, Andrew Murstein, is the founder and president of Medallion Financial Corp.

Nicki Minaj bar mitzvah instas

* In 2008, Snoop Dogg told Esquire magazine, “I performed at a bar mitzvah. And I’m telling you, man, these little [expletive], they were singing my [expletive], they was cussin’, they were singing the dirty version. I’m talking about 12- and 13-year-old little white kids singin’ this real gangsta [expletive]. Man. I was shocked. I just gave them the mic and let them [expletive] go.”

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