Vroom, Vroom: I Need to Get Seriously Caffeinated

Running this blog takes time — and a ton of energy! And, despite my own efforts to power through the day and provide more news than any comparable site, I could use a bit more energy now and then. Which brings me to this announcement I found online, a press release from Vroom Foods.

The company manufactures FOOSH® ENERGY MINTS and BUZZ BITE® CHOCOLATE & MINT CHOCOLATE ENERGY CHEWS, a series of caffeinated products that have a loyal following. As their announcement makes abundantly clear – and this is where I heartily agree – people have got to be bonkers to spend a small fortune on designer coffee and other nonsense. That’s right: I’m talking to you, dear corporate overlords in Seattle. Vroom Foods makes sense. Get all the caffeine, with convenience, at the right price.

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