MSM Reads Chateau Heartiste


– At Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos links to an older CH post about sexbots. (Hey, Milo, there’s been a lot of great CH stuff since then that you can leverage for 3,000+ comment gain.) The article is a good read, even if the points made are already familiar to Chateau acolytes. The huge response to it is proof that the topic hits a lot of nerves, and only a shiv tip-dipped in truth frog poison will induce that kind of excruciating nerve inflammation reaction.

– Nick Gillespie at Reason magazine (libertarioid central) swipes right on the Chateau as he accepts the truth of an important game concept: Donald Trump negs his rivals. Like many beta males who attempt to understand game without field experience, Nick doesn’t quite get the neg, but he comes closer than most awestruck outsiders. The neg isn’t “an insult, followed by a compliment”; it’s a backhanded compliment. The insult — and that’s really too strong a wrong to describe the effect, which would be better described as “a tease” — is implied in the structure of the compliment; it isn’t launched like a verbal ICBM. Also, another correction: The neg works on ALL people, but especially women, because it is human nature to seek social approval and acceptance from others we deem superior (or, in the case of women, dominant and charming) to us.

– Although it’s a stretch to call it a “mainstream” site, Free Republic grapples with the game principle of alpha male body language, and how Donald “Can’t Stump The” Trump uses it to his advantage. CH has numerous archived posts on this topic predating the current political pundit fascination with it by years.

If When Trump wins the Presidency, remember that CH endorsed his candidacy three months ago to this day, on June 17, beating Lion of the Blogosphere’s endorsement by one month. Heh.


While these next two tributes to CH’s insidious greatness didn’t directly link to yer ‘umble narrator, they did tacitly pay respect to the Chateau’s Stone Cold Shivthink and provide evidence that CH has widened the Overton Window so much it is prolapsed and leaking off-message memetic viruses.

– Ann Coulter has raised her Game and has earned enough financial independence to enjoy a refreshing sip of freethought independence. We here at CH believe Ann is a secret reader and our je ne sais quoi has rubbed off on her and amplified her preexisting condition to assault people with uncomfortable truths.

– No need for conjecture. Steve Sailer is definitely a CH reader (but only at night, in a gloomily underlit bedroom). He indirectly endorses the CH take on the “””refugee””” “””crisis””” as a case of the German betaboys getting cucked by their leader, the aging broad Merkel, who can’t help but feel long-dormant vagina tingles erupting for invading swarth of the earth armed with acting class, camera-ready sob stories to put over on gullible leftoid equalist Hiveminders.


Update: Anatoly Karlin at Unz is also a reader. The Chateau needs a guesthouse.

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