Stay Strong Hungary!

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Stay strong Hungary. It’s too late to stop the current wave, but word will get back soon that Hungary is the route you least want to travel.

* It must come as a shock for these non-white invaders to see White people defending themselves and their interests.

The invaders must have expected the Central Europeans to just bend over and take it like a modern Englishman or Swede would.

* “Merkel’s Boner” has singlehandedly destroyed the de facto sovereignty of every country in the EU and it’s time they started fighting back. Invasion is invasion, and it has to stop. If anyone is reading this blog in Hungary, please be encouraged by the fact that there are many people throughout America who support you.

* Women and children don’t rush the border and break down barbed wire. To me, this smacks of a Turkish power play by Erdogan who has publicly compared himself to Suleiman the Magnificent, with Putin yet to enter the fray. It is important to remember the players, Russia and Iran are backing the Assad regime against ISIS and Turkey is basically providing ISIS military and supply assistance.

And also, probably at this point most European governments do not want say, 20 million new Muslim residents demanding stuff when unemployment is so high and a global recession is at hand due to Chinese demand cratering. I’ll bet Hungary has a lot of back-channel encouragement no matter what Jean-Claude Juncker says. Hollande has to be scared, Marie Le Pen is in it to win it, not just collect money as the honeypot for the right like Jean Le Pen (as he basically admitted in his “Lunch with the FT” interview). Marie is not the Right version of Morris Dees, with a $150 million art collection. Nor is Geert Wilders nor is Nigel Farage. Realistically, AfD could even challenge the Christian Democrats given Merkel’s likely abysmal poll numbers.

Without Hungary as a blocking piece, half the ME will be in Paris and Berlin by next Tuesday. Rapidly imposing Sharia and massive wealth transfers away from the natives to the new colonial masters. That could cause all sorts of problems, for career politicians.

* Seeing as how you think borders should not exist, I’m just gonna waltz into your bedroom and just do whatever I please.

By the way, is your wife/girlfriend home?

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