Germany Abolishes Itself

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* That was why I raised the issue the other day about the former German Prime Minister coming out and declaring the guest-worker experiment with Turkish workers had been a “great mistake.” It turns out to have been Helmut Schmidt, now in his late 90′s but still clear thinking—and still smoking. I posted articles from 2004 (when he was a young man of 86). So we have had instances of knowledgeable Germans whose sage advice is totally rejected by the current ruling class. Back in 1968, former Conservative MP Enoch Powell was raising prophetic warnings about the influx of blacks and Asians from former Empire countries coming to England, and he was read out of the Conservative Party by Edward Heath. So the warnings have been there; they just aren’t heeded. BTW I would remind you that Sweden changed its immigration laws in 1974. That’s 41 years ago. So these instances of insanity can last a very long time. And I would also point out that the very liberal Jew Theodore H. White, whose own parents had emigrated to the U.S., stated in the last of The Making of the President series, “America in Search of Itself” (published in 1981), that he thought the Immigration Act of 1965 was a terrible mistake for the U.S. So that makes a leading opinion-maker from Britain, the U.S. and Germany clearly warning of the dangers and being totally ignored.

* I love schnorrer stories (“schnorrer” is a Yiddish word referring to a beggar with a lot of chutzpah – if you don’t know what that is, read on). I can’t wait for the Muslim equivalent from Germany:

A schnorrer came as usual to the home of a wealthy man, expecting his usual generous charity. The wealthy man said “I’ve had some business setbacks – I can only give you a quarter.”
The schnorrer said “Why should I suffer because of your misfortune?”

A schnorrer came to the back door on his biweekly rounds.
“I haven’t a penny today,” apologized the lady of the house. “Come back tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow?” frowned the schnorrer. “Lady, don’t let it happen again. I’ve lost a fortune, extending credit.”

A schnorrer knocked on the door of the rich man’s house at 6:30 in the morning.
The rich man cried “How dare you wake me up so early?”
“Listen,” said the schnorrer, “I don’t tell you how to run your business. Don’t tell me how to run mine.”

* Today is 9-11, and what happened 14 years ago today precipitated our Iraq Attack of 2003 and the follow on actions in Egypt, Libya and Syria. Which of course has now led to the latest islamic invasion of Europe. Does anyone wish we could just go back in time and leave Saddam, Murbarak, Gaddafi and Assad ALONE? Heck knowing what we know today, I’d have actually supported arming those guys to keep the lid on. I wonder what the architects of that policy think now. I remember General Odom calling the 2003 invasion the worst strategic blunder in the history of U.S. foreign policy.

If this were a sane country calling oneself a neocon would be as toxic as claiming to be a communist or nazi. The neocons would be purged from any position of responsibility and our leaders would not seek their advice. Unfortunately they seem as entrenched as ever, and the guys like Buchanan who correctly predicted this disaster are the ones in the wilderness.

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