Union for Reform Judaism Appeals For International Response to Refugee Crisis: Urgent Plea to U.S. Government Leaders, and Action Steps for North American Citizens


“Difficulty Cannot Be an Excuse for Inaction in the Face of this Humanitarian Crisis”

Sept 10, 2015, New York, NY – The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) is urging both international leaders and North American constituents to respond with strength and commitment to the growing and urgent crisis of refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the region.

Earlier today URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs sent a letter to President Obama and leaders of the Senate and House urging swift and meaningful action to address the refugee crisis unfolding in the Middle East and Europe. “Our great nation must respond immediately by providing safety, food, shelter, refuge, and dignity. How can a nation built by refugees from political persecution turn our back on refugees fleeing religious and political persecution? It cannot,” said Rabbi Jacobs in the letter.

In the face of the most pressing refugee crisis since World War II, the Reform Movement is calling on Congress and the Administration to act now, appealing on behalf of the millions of refugees worldwide, including more than 11 million Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees who have been forced to flee their homes because of ongoing violence.

“We are heartened by President Obama’s announcement this afternoon that the United States would accept at least 10,000 refugees in the next fiscal year,” said Rabbi Jacobs. “We stand ready to work with the White House as we hope Congress will be as well to meet this urgent challenge.”

“Every human being must ask him or herself what more can be done to help those in desperate need,” said Rabbi Jacobs. “Every human being, including and perhaps especially those who hold public office and make decisions about our nation’s priorities and actions, must act with courage and compassion. I pray that we will rise to meet this challenge, and will all be found to have lived up to our responsibility to care for the poor, the needy, and the stranger among us.”

Every individual can help respond to this humanitarian crisis, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism has created several resources and opportunities for people to get involved, including:

  1. Learning more about the refugee crisis, its roots, and the global response
  2. Adding a special prayer to High Holiday observance
  3. Taking action by urging lawmakers to respond
  4. For Canadian Congregations: Sponsoring a refugee family

There’s not a word in this release about why taking in these low IQ Muslim refugees will be good for their host nation. There’s not a word in here about how Israel should take in people who hate it, only that the goyim should do that.

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