Dennis Prager Lauds Chabad As The Most Dynamic Force In Jewish Life

Dennis Prager discussed during his third hour of his radio show today. Prager met a rabbi who’s spent 17 years in the Congo. Dennis wants to lecture there.

"They do not ordain women in Orthodox Judaism… What has been the result of women clergy? Has religion prospered? Not have women prospered or have those women prospered? We don’t ask those questions any more. We only ask what is good for the individual. Same with same sex marriage… You may come to the answer that it is not better for the religion to have female clergy but it is so unfair to women that we should have them anyway."


“It is my honor to be here, because Chabad is the most dynamic force in Jewish life,” said Prager. “I learn from many [emissaries] out there in the field.

“This gathering is unique, because who else does what [the emissaries] do?” he added. “We’ve been missing this for thousands of years. It used to be that if it wasn’t in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak or Brooklyn, then it wasn’t taken seriously. [Chabad has] changed that.”

An economist says on Dennis Prager’s radio show 11/24: Every government in every country every time it is faced with a financial crisis will always do a bailout. It makes a problem go away. No one loses money. Everyone is happy. The markets go back to functioning. All that has happened is that the taxpayer has absorbed a cost. The government does not want to be held responsible for a certain financial failure.

You’ve created a casino where you win if you win and if you lose, you don’t pay. The problem is that the casino will go bankrupt. Everyone learns from the behavior of the government. Because bankers and co are not penalized for bad decisions, they have few incentives to not make bad decisions, to not take risks.

A bailout always rewards people for bad decisions. Why do we bailout the incompetent and the unsuccessful? It is politically expedient but bad economics policy.

Dennis is appalled that UCLA will screen a porn film on campus. He reads the press release:

Campus Events Commission will be presenting a screening of the X-rated film, Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge. Pirates II is the sequel to Pirates which was the most expensive pornographic film made. We will be showing this on Wednesday, December 3rd of Week 10 from 8-10pm in Ackerman Grand Ballroom.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A panel with the director Joone, producer and CEO of Digital Playground, Samantha Lewis, lead male actor Evan Stone and female actress Riley Steele.

18+ ONLY. UCLA students ONLY. RSVP for this screening starting on Monday, December 1st. BruinCard and government issued ID with birthdate are both required for entrance to screening. Reservations through MyUCLA are not valid if you’re not 18+.

Dennis: "That’s an important panel."

"Our tax money is going to pay for this. The thing that concerns me is the devolution of intellectual life at our university. Nothing is better than anything else. There is no higher quality. There is nothing to aspire to. The death of the holy."

"There is no need for a panel discussion of a porn movie. You get good bodies and good photographers and you have a porn movie. You’re going to discuss the MacBeth like writing? The Frank Capra like directing? What will they discuss? This is all a facade. This teaches kids that porn is part of the higher culture that the university teaches. My point is not about morality. It is solely about that this is a lower form of expression. It has no place as a university subject. If the university is going to sponsor a film panel, it should be on Citizen Kane. The whole point is voyeuristic."

I doubt UCLA is spending any money to screen this film.

Dennis Prager participated in a panel discussion on the documentary Inside Deep Throat.

Dennis: "When you have a God-based univesity, you have a hierarchy. God is on top. There is something to aspire to. If there is nothing higher than humanity, you have a discussion of porn techniques and the next day you’ll have a MacBeth discussion. See which draws more. Maybe kids are so jaded they won’t even bother going. That would be fascinating."

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