Islam Is Not A Good Fit For America & Europe

John Derbyshire says: Mention of Razib Khan brings us to Islam, the religion of Razib’s ancestors. In fact, if I remember right, Razib’s grandfather was an Imam, and Razib himself got part of his education in a Madrassah.

I’ve stated Radio Derb’s position on Islam before, and I’ll state it again now. We have nothing against Islam. It seems like a fine religion that’s given spiritual support and consolation to millions of people across hundreds of years. Jolly good luck to Islam.

The evidence is plain, however, that Islam is not a good guest in non-Islamic countries. A wise country that is not Islamic in its culture and traditions will not permit mass settlement by Muslims. It’s just asking for trouble.

Muslims have plenty of countries of their own. Plenty — 57 listed on the website of the
Organization of Islamic Cooperation, from Afghanistan to Yemen. Forty-nine of those countries have Muslim majorities. Any Muslim who wants to move to another country is spoiled for choice. Any Western nation that allows mass settlement by Muslims is being very foolish, given the trouble caused by a fanatical minority of Muslims. 9/11 should have made that point beyond dispute.

It didn’t, of course, and Western nations, I think without exception, continue in the gross folly of permitting mass settlement by Muslims.

On Monday this week Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review wrote about the breathtaking scale of that folly in the particular case of the U.S.A. Using statistics from the Department of Homeland Security [laugh] Horowitz shows that the pace of immigration from Muslim countries has doubled since 9/11. From 2001 to 2013 more than 1.6 million people from predominantly Muslim countries were issued green cards for permanent settlement in the U.S.A.

Heading the list of nations there: Pakistan, which has settled over 200,000 people here since 9/11; Iran, 167 thousand; Nigeria and Bangladesh, 150 thousand each …

One point six million. As Horowitz says, if only ten percent are jihadists, that’s 160,000 jihadists. If only one percent are, that’s still sixteen thousand.

True, not every immigrant from a Muslim-majority nation is a Muslim. Still, not every immigrant from a non-Muslim nation is a non-Muslim, either. Some proportion of immigrants from Britain, France, and India are Muslims. So that’s a wash.

As Horowitz also said, this is just the numbers for green cards issued — immigrant-status visas. Huge numbers of non-immigrant visas have also been issued. Student visas, for example. Saudi Arabia
was granted 54,000 student visas during the 2013/14 academic year. That’s almost a thousand percent increase since 9/11. A thousand percent! Eleven times as many as when Saudi nationals flew planes into the World Trade Center!

This is sheer insanity. We gain nothing from the mass immigration of Muslims — nothing but danger for our citizens, and an increase in surveillance by our security agencies, with corresponding de-crease in our liberties. Our immigration policy is nuts. It’s crazy. Quote
from Daniel Horowitz, quote:

Who voted for these policies? When did the American people ever have the opportunity to give input through a transparent process to the radical transformation of America? How many Americans would have supported a decision post-9/11 to roughly double the rate of Islamic immigration?

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