Why Network Announcers Stay Relentlessly Positive

Mark Purdy writes for the San Jose Mercury News: "In case you’re wondering why broadcaster Troy Aikman said he thought “the 49ers got better today [after losing by two touchdowns to Dallas],” never forget one important thing. The broadcast networks are business partners with the NFL. As such, no matter what the on-air talent says good or bad about an individual player, the biggest mission is to keep people tuning in every week, to keep the ratings up. So you will never hear an announcer say: “Man, this team is unwatchable. You might want to plan a hike next Sunday (or plan to rake leaves, if you don’t have a Girl Scout troop show up at your door with an offer to do so).” So of course Aikman is going to say the 49ers got better. His network has multiple future 49er broadcasts on the schedule."

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