Rabbis push Congress on immigration reform

Report: “WASHINGTON (RNS) The call for action on immigration reform was issued just days before Sukkot, the Jewish harvest festival that commemorates the 40 years the Israelites wandered in the wilderness after their exodus from Egypt.”


* These rabbis are soooo compasionate. Why then, do these rabbis support Israels deportation and FORCED birth contol of BLACK jews from Africans countries, also deportation of Palestinians?

* Israel has the strictest immigration laws in the world. Up to 17 years in prision, and deportation without trial.

Love is sending people down the path of righteousness; rewarding illegal/dishonest behavior is not love. Encouraging more illegal immigration with amnesty leads people to commit id theft, social security fraud, and perjury (i-9). By supporting amnesty the Rabbi’s are encouraging people to break Gods commandments.

* These rabbis are complete religious phonies and hypocrites. Israel would never let in hordes of 3 rd world peasant Mexicans because rabbi knows it would harm the state of Israel….why are rabbis patriotic for Israel, but not patriotic for the US?

* These good ole rabbis would never advocate massive numbers of poor people from Africa or Egypt or anywhere else; in fact these “compassionate” rabbis support deportation and forced sterilization of BLACK jews from Africa and poor people from anywhere else in the world, thats why I have to question their patriotism for the US…Again, these rabbi are hypocrites and phonies.

* The typical illegal is Mexican, illiterate,uneducated, and dirt poor since Mexico is a dirt poor country. Please read the latest reports from the Heritage Foundation. by Dr. Robert Rector which is the most comprehensive study thus far. You will find for every 11 million illegals given amnesty it will cost 6.3 trillion dollars, if 33 million get awarded,then cost is 19 trillion dollars. These illegals TAKE $3 in govt freebies for every $1 they earn. The average education is 3rd grade and they will depress wages for the American worker.

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