Germany’s Role In Sparking The Refugee Crisis

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Thilo Sarrazin’s recent book comprehensively and explicitly underlines the way the previous mass intake of third world labor into Germany happened to be a non-working, welfare chomping economic and fiscal disaster.

* In my younger days I would never have dreamt of finding a smidgen of hope in a middle-brow, populist, highly non-intellectual and decidedly uncool paper like the Express:

“The European Union was first established in the wake of the Second World War as a means of acting as a restraint on Germany, yet the EU has now turned into a malignant instrument for the German domination of Europe. It was Merkel’s self-righteous, bombastic declaration that Germany would take in almost a million refugees that sparked the current crisis. Yet now, having encouraged this colossal wave of migrants without any consultation, Germany has the cheek to demand that other countries take their “fair share.”

…We are at a turning point in our history. Either we can regain our sovereignty and restore control of our national destiny. Or we can maintain our subjugation to Brussels, down which road lies the certainty of our national demise.”

* Marine Le Pen has accused Germany of bringing in “slaves” for labour shortages and to lower wages.

“Germany probably thinks its population is moribund, and it is probably seeking to lower wages and continue to recruit slaves through mass immigration,” Marine Le Pen told supporters at a meeting in the southeastern city of Marseille, a key French destination for migrants from north Africa.

* The costs of mistakes, lost stock and merchandise, lawsuits, absenteeism, etc are all real costs. I find it hard to believe that German employers really think Syrians and Germans are interchangeable labor inputs.

Moreover, I find it very difficult to believe that German employers can’t make calculations about the kind of country their children will inherit.

* Peston’s long been one of those demanding that the UK (and Europe and the US and Canada and Australia and New Zealand, but not Africa, Asia, or Latin America) allow any Tom, Dick and Harry — or, preferably, Muhammed, Achmed and Abdullah — to freely enter and live in the country.

He’s a long time supporter of immigration, multiculturalism, the EU, and every other cancer now destroying the West.

He used to be a Guardian columnist for goodness sakes (for those unfamiliar with the UK Guardian, it makes the NY Times look positively middle-of-the-road).

* Population shrinkage accompanied by automation will improve the quality of life for everybody but how can you prove it with hard number when most of the benefits are in things like more time to spend with you family and not anything an economist would consider valuable. Less population means less pollution of the environment, more open space for wild life and on and on. Try to quantify that compared to the number of houses that have to be built to house the new immigrants that nobody but the real estate developer wants.

* In Great Britain only about 42% of Bengali and Afghan immigrants are employed (and that figure includes part-time employment). Barely 30% of Somali immigrants are employed, and just 10% of Somalis have full-time jobs.

Meanwhile 80% of Polish, Lithuanian, and Kiwi immigrants have jobs.

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