The Goy’s Dilemma

Goy: “I had lunch last week with a friend of mine, our resident faculty cuckservative in Political Science. Like, his hero is George Will. I managed to hold the line a little, to call him out when he tried to get me to laugh at how much of a blow-hard Trump is. Or, to ask him why Syrian refugees aren’t heading for China? I even said I think “culture is more important than policy,” which was code for “race is determinative.” But you should’ve been there: it was like he couldn’t understand me. But here’s the key: he showed no signs of second guessing himself or his very measured opinion that Kasich is better than Bush, but Jeb is better than Hillary (who cares!?). So… I couldn’t take my questions to the next level. How are we–and here I’m addressing you recessive blue eye gene–bring this rhetoric up to a level where it’s “speakable?” If I say what I think, I probably risk losing my job. So I don’t. That’s doom, right? What a jam we’re in! If the nominal “conservative” faculty member won’t or can’t see that Europe is being invaded and America is probably next, I mean… How will this idea gain influence? Did you see Jonah Goldberg’s break up letter to Trump supporters? The conservative goyish intelligentsia sound exactly like him. And don’t show this to Chaim. I don’t care what he thinks.”

“Haha I assume you’re saving all these exchanges and won’t do anything with them unless I some day come close enough to having meaningful public influence. It’s one thing to say to my cuckservative Poly Sci faculty that Germans shouldn’t have to shoulder more of this than the Saudis… But it’s another level to try to get him to read KM’s CoC. That would shock him. I bet he wouldn’t even try it, and I bet he’d soon try to wiggle out of our friendship.”

Luke: If you are ever caught, just say you were trying to understand how bigots think. One possible opening is to say, “I’m really disturbed by what I’m reading in this book…”

Or, “I was just trying to better understand the enemy so we can fight him more effectively.” It’s like stroking a guy’s leg to see if he’s a poofter.

Goy: Yes exactly. I love that trick. “Gee, gosh, what are we decent citizens supposed to say to these claims that there’s a white genocide taking place before our eyes?”

What we need is water-cooler nationalism.

People will never understand anything when their job depends upon not understanding.

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