‘I Can’t Think Straight’

This is a beautiful love story between a Christian Palestinian and an Muslim Indian.

It’s gorgeous to look at, like one of the two leads, Lisa Ray.

The other lead, Sheetal Sheth, is skinny and awkward, but at least she’s a writer.

True love blossoms in an Oxford hotel room, away from the persecuting patriarchal gaze.

There’s enough Jew hatred to keep things interesting.

Christian writes:

You would think that a cross-cultural, cross-religious lesbian romance should have enough built-in conflict to sustain an 80-minute feature, but Shamim Sarif‘s "I Can’t Think Straight" slumps and stretches its way from its first uninspired set piece, an engagement party for Jordanian-Christian Tala (Lisa Ray), to its mildly embarrassing closing montage, cut to, natch, Jill Sobule‘s "I Kissed a Girl" (hello, 1995!). As with her other feature, "The World Unseen" (released to theaters earlier this month), Sarif adapts and directs her own novel here, with Ray and Sheetal Sheth playing the lead roles. For "I Can’t Think Straight," she enlists the help of co-writer Kelly Moss, but to no avail: Sarif has crafted a movie with such paper-thin characterizations and so lacking in dramatic incident that it’s frankly surprising that she was working from a novel at all — much less one she wrote herself.

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