Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on BBC Newsnight about the European refugee crisis

Rabbi Sacks says Europe must take in these Muslim refugees because Holocaust.

He doesn’t say anything about Israel needing to take in these refugees.

He pushes diversity on the goyim while keeping the benefits of cohesion to Jews.

I’m not sure his prescriptions is good for Jews in Europe. Why would they want more people around them who hate Jews? The most vicious anti-Semitism in Europe comes from Muslims (who I don’t blame for hating Jews, it is in their group interest to do so).

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* One thing that always gets me about black/brown immigrants to Europe is their utter, utter shamelessness – even more so than their sense of entitlement or their overwhelming hypocrisy.
I believe that this is a symptom of the low trust, high corruption, despotic, lawless states that they all come from.
They lie and lie and lie to beg their way in. Once in, they lie and lie and lie in making tax payer supported ghettoes for themselves, and then lie and lie and lie about the nation they lied and lied and lied to beg their way in ‘oppressing’ them, but oh,no, not on your nelly will they ever think of going home to be ‘un-oppressed’.
They DEMAND a nation that patently is not theirs give up that nation to them. Never mind that that nation has belonged to the same people for tens of thousands of years, with the bones of ancestors making the soil, a nation that had to be sweated for and worked for. No they DEMAND it as theirs, as of right.
Then they will start pontificating about ‘colonialism’, ‘imperialism’ and the Amerindians and the Aborigines.
Then they will assert their ‘right’ to take over and run the nation the way they want it. And then they will kill you for ‘oppressing the ummah worldwide’, the same ummah which they fled from.

The funniest thing is more than enough stupid, dumb white bastards, from the highest – Angela Merkel – the EU, The Economist magazine, absolutely, fully 100% support them and their demands and can and will oppress any Europeans who have the temerity to question all this.

Quite frankly, we are screwed.


* True or false: people hate the Jews because the Jews have the guts to do for themselves what they gotta do, and the rest of Western Civilization knows that it lacks those guts.

* This article mentions another piece of land that’s underpopulated: the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt hasn’t done anything constructive with it, since winning it back from Israel during the Camp David Accords, and it’s actually a headache for Egypt now, as it’s been infiltrated by radical Muslims.

Egypt should offer the Sinai as a home for Syrian refugees. Egypt would get a lot of diplomatic goodwill for doing so, it would get a tar baby off of its hands, and it would cash in, as EU and UN money flowed into the region to subsidize the refugees.

* Our one-sided alliance with Israel could end up bearing some fruit if we can get some of those engineers over here helping us build the wall of Trump! Bring it on!

* Steve, What is with Charles Murray? I get that he is not a fan of Donald Trump. But his recent Facebook post lauded Bret Stephens’ WSJ Trump is a fascist article:

Here’s my favorite quote from the article:

“It says that we may soon have a conservative movement in which the American creed of “give us your tired, your poor” could yield to the Trumpian creed that America must not become a “dumping ground” to poor immigrants from Latin America, as if these millions of hardworking and God-fearing people are a specimen of garbage.”

Yup, one no longer had to think about the implications of 7 billion people on the planet. As long as we are morally on the right side. Admitting millions of people to compete with your most vulnerable citizens is apparently a conservative value that stretched back centuries. The funniest thing is that most conservatives that are not in the media do not have any of these moral sensibilities.

Does Charles Murray, who says that this is best article written on Trump, believe that day laborers are concerned about restoring Jeffersonian democracy? Why are intellectuals, especially white intellectuals, so damned stupid!

* People want to blame Jews for their own faults. Its typical scapegoating. Israel is beset by Open Borders elites. The Tel Aviv Bubble says the same thing about Israel: “we are a nation of immigrants,” and “we have to get used to a non-Jewish majority state,” that the equivalent Jewish bubble says in the Upper East Side, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, and the tony parts of Venice.

Its just that the elites in Israel are on the razor’s edge. They don’t have the margin that Merkel has to take in 800,000 a year. So they build fences. And ignore the Tel Aviv bubble.

Indeed, most Jews in the US are softly anti-Israel. That is a function of being an elite in the bubble. And being so absorbed in SWPL culture they’d rather their distant cousins in Israel get nuked than say things nasty about Muslims or Iran or Obama forbid, the LightWorker himself, that spiritually advanced being, the racial redeemer.

Fences are good for keeping out a mob. Not so good against an organized military force. That does not mean fortifications are useless, just against a really good military opponent likely only to slow not stop an assault. Example: the Egyptians in 1972 in the Yom Kippur War used hoses drawing water from the Suez Canal to knock down the sand berm fortifications the Israelis thought (rightly) impervious to shelling. But not to streams of water.

Needless to say masses of refugees are by definition not a military force. So they are effective. Against the Turkish military if it wanted to reconstitute the Ottoman Empire? Not so much.

* My sense is that the lefty American Jews who are pro-open borders (e.g., Matt Yglesias, Noah Smith) don’t care much about Israel. I asked Smith once, and he said it wasn’t in the top few countries he cared about (the U.S., Japan, and South Korea were all of more concern to him). And, on the other hand, young, righty American Jews (e.g., Ben Shapiro, Dan Horowitz) seem to be pro-Israel but also border hawks here.

Old American Jewish billionaires Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban support Israel, of course, but are they big advocates for open borders here? Just glancing at their philanthropy on Wiki, it doesn’t seem to be on the radar screen for them much either way.

* Murray spends an inordinate amount of time sucking up to David Brooks and Jonah Goldberg. Check out his twitter timeline. It’s embarrassing. He’s done impressive work on IQ and social stratification, etc., but it doesn’t follow that he’s anti-immigration. He’s also a libertarian. The Open Boarders stuff isn’t something that irks him, rather it’s par for the course. Acknowledging IQ differences doesn’t make someone automatically pro-American, nor does it prevent them from being a rabid Israel- firster. He doesn’t say much on foreign policy, but it’s clear he’s happy hobnobbing with the Kristol crowd.

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