Looking For A Plus-Size Bra?

I found these helpful hints on AOL:

Living in a society where body image is skewed, many perceive stick skinny as an attractive and healthy shape. The truth is that women of any shape and size are beautiful and they deserve to see themselves that way. But how is a girl supposed to feel when she can’t find nice clothes in her size? Thankfully, designers have begun to create more stylish plus-size clothing to solve this common problem. For those full-figured girls who want to feel extra sexy, check out our list of top searched plus-size lingerie.

Many plus-size clothing lines, like Romans Plus Size, also have their own collections of undergarments. That is the case with our top searched lingerie Cacique. Lane Bryant’s Cacique collection of bras, undies and other lingerie is both stylish and supportive. If you can’t make it to the store, you can request a Lane Bryant catalogue and shop from home.

For unmentionables more provocative than the Cacique bras, try shopping at a store that specializes in lingerie, like Frederick’s of Hollywood. Until lately, these types of stores didn’t carry many, if any, large sizes. Now, Frederick’s has Hollywood panties to fit almost all body shapes and sizes.

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