Rename All The Mountains

Brett Stevens writes: Our identity is WASP, which is (in the New World) shorthand for Western European. This population is distinct from Eastern and Southern European as well as outliers like the Irish, who have an Iberian-North African descended strain in them and group genetically with Southern Europeans. This identity is what saves us from all the methods of liberalism like big government, equality, feminism, diversity, deviance norming and social breakdown. We must always assert this identity strongly because among us there are unhappy people and neurotics who will always and pathologically work to destroy it….

Obama renamed Mt. McKinley in order to damage the self-esteem and self-image of Western Europeans in the new world. He wants them to feel like a subjugated people, which is the necessary consequence of having foreign names around them. In particular, he wants to re-inforce the guilt narrative regarding the people he calls “Native Americans” or “First Nations” when they are in fact neither. The most likely scenario for Amerinds, as they are technically called, is that multiple groups came over from the old world, but the group from Siberia was most numerous and out-reproduced the others. Obama hopes for a similar fate for America and Europe, as do all liberals, which is why beating back “racism” and adopting massive third world immigration has been the central focus of their activity in the postwar period.

As Robert Frost noted when he penned “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” life often produces binaries when a choice comes down to the line. We cannot use a method here of imposing categorical logic by saying “all binaries are bad,” but should note that at some point one either chooses to act toward what is right, or accepts whatever else comes down the pipe. What is right in this case is asserting our cultural identity exclusively because it is necessary for our survival, and failing to do so will only produce another mixed-heritage third world burnout of a former empire. It may be most convenient to use some familiar names, or to cuckold ourselves as Obama desires we do, but the right thing to do waits for no man. It is an opportunity either seized or a defeat and self-destruction slowly but certainly growing near.

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