Steve Sailer: What Do Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington, and New Orleans Have in Common?

Steve Sailer comments on the New York Times article: What do these five cities with fast growing homicide rates in 2015 v. 2014 have in common: Milwaukee, New Orleans, Baltimore, Washington, and St. Louis?

They are all cities where the vast majority of homicides are committed by blacks, and these tend to be particularly troubled black communities. The problems of Wisconsin blacks are a long-time iSteve focus, while David Simon has devoted much of his TV career to the problems of Baltimore and New Orleans blacks.

So, one possibility is that when the Obama Administration encourages blacks to feel aggrieved, blacks in the worst black slums respond to their leadership’s urgings by murdering each other in even larger numbers than normal.

Heckuva job, Obammie!

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