Are The Chinese Driving African Migration?

Steve Sailer writes: “Africa is an enormous amount of land that traditionally wasn’t fully exploited. Francis Galton suggested 142 years ago that the Chinese would make far more off African land than Africans would.

But now there are a billion Africans, so they have to be redomiciled somewhere if the Africa is to be most profitably exploited.”

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Part of the process driving Africans off agricultural land and into the cities is western-style education. Once Africans get a primary school education, they feel they are too good to work the land as peasants anymore and head off to the overcrowded cities where there is absolutely nothing for them to do. So some far from marginal land lays fallow in Africa because of a lack of rural labor while African cities overflow with unemployed with nothing to do. The Chinese are probably now stepping in to exploit the best of this underutilized land.

Some nations such as Belgium allowed the elite of Africa to study at their universities. These Africans almost never moved back to Africa after graduation but because of the selection process, they ended up becoming serviceable citizens within a European context. Which only resulted in Europeans lowering their guard and they are now ideologically unable to resist the current invasion of very much non-elite Africans.

* At the moment, for Europe it is important — vital — to stop what is happening now — not to analyze the reasons for it (albeit this is not unimportant). Direct action is required — not a lot of thinking and analyzing and debating.

Already Germany expects two cities the size of Leipzig to arrive this year (and this number will probably rise) — all 3rd world muslims and Africans.

Denmark — Dänemark — Asylanten-integration gescheitert

Attempts to integrate refugees and asylum seekers in Denmark have completely failed (what a surprise).

75% of those who arrived 10 or more years ago are still unemployed. They are unemployable, a permanent burden on taxpayers — a free life in a nice, white country.

* We are blind: mass immigration into the US and EU driven by land appropriation in Mexico and Africa. Of course, the pundits are now claiming that all those African immigrants (colonialists) entering Europe are really middle class people with middle class skills, so not to worry.

A century ago, mechanization of American agriculture drove both Whites and Blacks off the land into the cities, too. Burgeoning industrialization absorbed them, in part because the skills needed in the factories weren’t all that great nor all that different than what a farm worker had. Globalization has reversed American industrialization and created a large, truly surplus (not Marx’s lumpenprolitariat) worker population. A significant fraction of China’s rural population moved to industrializing cities, also.

Reportedly, China has purchased quite a bit of Ukrainian farmland in the western part of the country. Could that be a contributor to the civil war now underway there?

* Makes me think of how the first anthropologists into Africa called those hunter-gathers the original affluent society, since they only had to “work” a few hours a week killing big game to survive. The rest of life was oh so easy. Which recalls Pat Moynihan’s deafening remonstration regarding Africa’s inability to feed itself, considering that growing food is the first thing we learned to do when we “came down out of the trees.” City life ill-fits their proclivities. Africa simply can’t feed itself well enough. Foreign aid should be per herds of cattle.

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