Steve Sailer: Carlos Slim’s NYT Again Concern-trolls GOP

Steve Sailer writes: “How many times over the years have I read this same article? This may come as a surprise to the editors, but relentless repetition doesn’t make it more sincere.”


Republicans thought they had learned a lesson after 2012: Turning off Latino voters ensures defeat in the general election.

But as the disruptive presidential candidacy of Donald J. Trump continues to gain support, his hard line on immigration has driven rivals to match his biting anti-immigrant language and positions long considered extreme. It risks another general election cycle in which Hispanics view the party as unfriendly no matter who the nominee is, Republican strategists warned.

Low IQ groups will always vote for more government services. In other words, blacks and latinos will never vote for the GOP en masse.

The average black IQ in the USA is 85 and the average latino IQ is 90. Whites average 100, East Asians 105 and Ashkenazi Jews about 110.

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