The Chinese Exclusion Act

REPORT: “The Chinese Exclusion Act, a federal law in effect from 1882 to 1943, prohibited the immigration of Chinese laborers to the United States.”

Chaim Amalek Fewer opportunities for them meant more opportunities for the rest of us.

Chaim Amalek Now ask yourself which, if any Republican, is willing to take a stand against LEGAL immigration from India and China. I know, “but they are model immigrants!” Indeed they are. Which means that they are certain to supplant white people on their way up the economic ladder.

Chaim Amalek White people are too stupid, too deracinated, too obsessed with nonsense like free market capitalism to survive much longer.

Christopher Donnellan Capitalism will kill the white race.

Chaim Amalek Say what you will about the Hassidim, when their learned elders get together to discuss the prospects for their people, they don’t begin the conversation by asking “What would Ayn Rand pasuk [judge to be the correct course of action] in these circumstances?” They do not care about free markets. They care about group interests. Their own.

Miriam Lilian D Or Waiting for the “Undocumented Unskilled Immigration Exclusion Act”

Chaim Amalek So long as the Republican Party remains a tool of business interests, not gonna happen.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* What would happen to Siberia if Russia allowed unlimited Chinese emigration to it?

What would have happened to the West Coast in the 19th century if US allowed unlimited Chinese immigration?

What would happen to Tibet if Chinese allowed unlimited Indian emigration to it?

So obvious.

Then why is it so difficult to understand that massive immigration from Africa spells doom?

* Tell that to Australia. It is fast becoming a Chinese state. One would think that it would help the US maintain its Pacific sphere of influence to keep Australian Anglo and within the US orbit but that would be rayciss.

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