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Joe emails:

As promised, a Pat’s review. Pat’s gets a five star rating, but it should not take itself too seriously, for its competitors among kosher restaurants reminds me of the good old fashioned christians and lions battles in the coliseum, or more recently, Obama v. McCain. Against a nonkosher restaurant Pat’s is still exemplary.

Pat’s is the kosher restaurant you would take a non-jew to and not be embarrassed by the service, the food, or the ambience. The same cannot be said for Milk and Honey, Delice, or some of the other frontline kosher joints that treat its customers like piltdown men and serve absolute drek.

Pat’s is run by a very nice family that is one of the best kosher caterers out there and they take the business seriously. The first you notice about Pat’s is that it is run professionally – a real shocker for a kosher restaurant.

Things are not missing, there is good service, they do not take the customer for granted. And on top of being treated like a real customer with a mind, the food is excellent. Lunch is good, but dinner is really the place that pat’s shines. The meat dishes are like nothing kosher out there. For lunch, some of the asian fusion dishes are sublime. But really, it is the dinner menu that kicks some real rear end. It is all just excellent.

But the real star is the service. The waiters at pat’s actually seem to care. The Prime Grill, a now defunct kosher place in Beverly hills, set the low bar for service in a kosher restaurant, which is hard to do. Pat’s sets the high and essentially unattainable bar.

Pat’s is simply the best in town. And as they said in A Few Good Men, these are the facts and they are not disputed.

I’ve only had good experiences at Milk & Honey, The Milky Way and Delice, but I’m easy.

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