Blog: An Old Recording Of Megyn Kelly Talking About Penises, Breasts, And How She Has Sex, Proves Trump Was Right Kelly Is Absolute Trash

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat: Donald Trump was disinvited from a prime speaking role to an important gathering of conservative activists on Friday for his criticism of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly after a combustible debate performance. As for the vacant spot at the Red State gathering, Red State chief Erick Erickson has invited Kelly to replace Trump. Kelly replacing Trump was a fair judgment in Erickson’s view for saying “blood coming out of her … whatever”. The comment stirred up a hornets nest. Well, found a five year old interview of Meghan Kelly when she was climbing up the ladder not minding to get on the Howard Stern Show to gain fame while allowing Stern to discuss with her every sort of smut including her private sex live which is supposed to be sacred. She laughs and is okay with Stern discussing penises, breasts, in a very trashy nonchalant way.

Stern is a sleaze bucket who utterly despises women. But Kelly claiming that she is for women’s rights, then allows this reprobate to use her in order to further her career as a journalist says that Kelly is the one who owes an apology. Apologize and lets all move on. Stern uses women as an object of ridicule. And what about her husband? What man would allow his daughter or wife to get on some public adult radio and have a sleaze bucket talk sex with them? This is not a private matter. Kelly made this public.

Now lets compare this with Trump’s remark:

Donald Trump was right, Meghan Kelly is a wretch and a vulgar low life. Donald Trump posted on his Twitter that the biggest loser was Meghan Kelly:

Trump’s blood comment could have meant that blood was coming out of her ears, nose … whatever. Even if Trump was saying that Kelly must have been on her menstrual cycle, its a comment men usually use. Let the man who never used such comment cast the first stone.



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