What’s Ahead For Africa?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Millions of hardy and very much still functional Kalashnikovs out there in Africa and millions and millions of young men seeing how much better things could be… what could possible go wrong? I foresee plenty of peace, kind of like one big continent-wide county fair or music festival, just one big happy farmer’s market. But I could be wrong.

* What Britain has yet to learn, but which the American South has known for quite some time, is that eventually the white voters do rebel against the party which becomes less and less subtle about opposing their interests. Whites in America are just beginning to turn away from the Democrats in droves, as that party is forced to embrace the absurd in support of its new demographic base.

Barack Obama has presided over a massive collapse in Democratic politicians nationwide, at every level – local, state, and national – especially white Democrats. The result is that there are fewer white Democrats to appeal to the white electorate, and white voters flee. It becomes a vicious circle.

And whites are still an overwhelming majority in Britain, and the population there is already figuring it out. In the US, people were much slower to come to the realization of how anti-white Democratic policies truly are.

* Immigration is about one thing: capturing as much as possible of the positive externalities that Whites create.

* A handful of Europeans–by which I mean only a million, a hundred thousand, ten thousand–using advanced technology could stop this onslaught and expel the invaders.

Soon enough the Europeans will remember that they still possess spines. The backlash that is coming is as predictable as the demise of feminism.

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