Megyn Kelly: Hall Monitor For The Hivemind

From Chateau Heartiste: Trump effortlessly bats away her attempt to entrap him into cuckservative apologia for imaginary misogyny. Can’t stump the Trump! The audience (including women) applauds. MegYn fumes and tries to shout over Trump’s shit-eating grin (it’s a loud grin)….

If you want presidential debates to be female solipsism cranked up to jet engine volume, if you yearn for a political platform that is ALL ABOUT MEGYN KELLY’S FEELS and war on women garbage, and not at all about the mortal threats — immigration, debt, unaffordable family formation, foreign entanglements, anti-white antiracism, White dispossession of the nation they created, oligarch control of the political process — facing America, then by all means let’s bring ALL THE WOMEN into the political arena. They’re really good at turning what should be serious debate into feminist twaddle and their hurt feelings.

The more the Hivemind (and this includes Cuck News) goes after Trump with no pretense of fair play or objectivity, the more I’m convinced there’s a directive from the ruling class to their minions with the megaphones to take him down no matter the cost. Trump makes them deathly afraid. Why are they so afraid of him? They can’t buy him. Ok. That’s one reason. He shits on their Open Borders agenda. That’s another.

Mostly though, it’s that Trump isn’t a piss-ant, puling, wind-up betaboy toy, the controlled opposition ready and willing to dance to the tune of the Narrative Enforcers. He’s the renegade outsider, bringing the cleansing chaos of Realtalk, however fledgling, to the Old Order of Lies.


* He used Game in his response. Specifically he reframed her question. She tried to place him into the defensive frame of apologizing for allegedly sexist comments. But his answer proceeded from the frame of PC is what is destroying this country and this country needs strength not more PC. So he disregarded her frame and asserted his own. And he got one of the biggest responses of the night. That’s game. He passed her shit test.

* Let this be a lesson to us dissidents: never use sarcasm.

Sarcasm is the tool of women and cucks and lefties: it’s a way to snidely attack someone while maintaining some silly plausible deniability—meanness with a smile, a two-faced gesture.

Men insult each other to their face, and hard, and then fight if the insult is worth it.

The left also cannot mentally understand sarcasm thrown its way. Sure, it laps it up when Jon Stewart or Davy Letterman or steven Colbert act sarcastic to righties, but they literally cannot process it against them; their brains are too small, and their amygdala is too damaged. And subtle sarcasm can even be lost on close associates.

I great line I used once was when I got into a discussion with a group of hipsters years ago. One of them was talking about doing something ironically, and the others chimed in on how sometimes they wore things ironically, or had ironic tattoos, or listed to certain songs ironically, etc. They started to get into a subtle status fight on who was the most ironic!

And I chimed in, very smugly: “Life’s too short to live sarcastically.”

Balloon popped.

Sarcasm rape!

* Trump spanked Megyn so hard with his comeback that Trump just picked up the 50 shades of grey vote.

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