The Return Of The Luke Ford Fan Blogger

He emails:

I’m gonna start today. Promise! (Except I have to watch the most recent episode of South Park first. Then I’m going to play around with Google Streetview Australia for a couple of hours. Then I’m going to watch Survivor. [I’ve saved but haven’t watch any episodes yet from this season [not to mention last season]. Then I’m going to watch Big Brother Australia — all of last year’s series, which I haven’t even started yet but it’s on my hard drive and I really want to watch it since I enjoyed seasons 1 through 7 very much). Then I’m going to watch Hockey Night in Canada.)

So, yeah, I’m gonna start blogging again — reeeeaaaaal soooooon! It’s on my To Do List. I just need to get motivated and focused.

Oh, and I have 44 hours of the Dennis Prager Show to listen to. And a whole bunch of Michael Medved (not to mention Howard Stern [including the TV show — I just downloaded the Eric the Midget episode and I really want to watch that]).

And I’ve decided to learn Italian. I don’t know why I just want to learn Italian. So I have two books from the library on learning how to speak and read Italian.

And I have to go to to check out last night’s action. I need to exercise, too. I’m getting really fat. I now weigh 220lbs. I’m a big fat cow! And I need to do some vacuuming. And a bunch of other stuff, including fixing the fan for my video card, because it’s making a heck of a lot of noise .. and it’s really pissing me off!

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