I Am Not Shocked By Terrorism In Israel

I am not shocked when a haredi Jews slashes Jews at a Jerusalem gay pride parade. A gay pride parade in Jerusalem is an affront to traditional Jewish values.

I am not shocked when Arabs commit terror against Jews and I am not shocked when Jews retaliate. Different groups have different interests and these interests conflict and hence there’s often violence in life. War is a form of diplomacy.

Many Arabs are a terrible fit for the Jewish state of Israel just as the presence of a Jewish state in their midst must drive Arabs nuts. From their perspective, Israel is a terrible fit in the region.

From a Jewish perspective, many Arab citizens of Israel are a curse.

I am not shocked with Mexicans and Afghans make money from the narco trade. Why should they feel bad about shipping cocaine and heroin to gringos and making bundles of money? I am not shocked when white Americans hate the Mexicans who are invading their country.


Any decent person – any decent Israeli – any decent supporter of Israel – must respond with horror to the two violent events that occurred in Israel last week. Any decent person should be disgusted by the brutal murder of a Palestinian infant in what seems to be an attack by Jewish terrorists. Any decent person should be disgusted by the attack at the gay pride parade in Jerusalem, an attack in which a Jewish extremist murdered a 16-year-old girl and injured five other gay Israelis.
But give Israelis credit for being decent: most of them were shocked and dismayed by the attacks. Like Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog, many of them followed the news with “a heavy heart”. Their political leaders responded swiftly and without equivocation. “I am shocked by this horrific, heinous act”, said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu following the death of Ali Saad Dawabsha, the Palestinian 8-month-old child from the village of Duma. The child died – burned – in an arson attack. “This is a terror attack in every respect. The State of Israel deals forcefully with terror, regardless of who the perpetrators are”, said Netanyahu. President Reuven Rivlin took an unusual step and issued a statement in both Arabic and Hebrew. “I feel a sense of shame, and moreover a sense of pain”, Rivlin said, “pain that from my people there are those who have chosen the path of terrorism, and have lost their humanity”.

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