When Is Tisha B’Av For Goyim?

I’m pretty broken up by the destruction of the temples approximately 2600 and 2000 years ago, so don’t expect much posting from me today. It’s hard to post when your eyes are filled with tears, you’re wearing sackcloth and ashes, you’re fasting, and you’re sitting on the floor.

Chaim Amalek: “Just as Jewish people mark the fall of the second temple on the “Ninth of Av” with mournful solemnity on the Jewish calender, so too will White people one day come to mark the fall of their race in America on the Third of October every year. It was on October 3, 1965 that the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant president Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the 1965 Immigration Reform Act — championed by the powerful Roman Catholic Senator Edward M. Kennedy — that threw open America’s borders to the Third World.”

* So another Bible college product named Tiffany has converted to Orthodox Judaism and then after making it a full year as a frum Jew, has given it all up.

Chaim Amalek: “In general, and with acknowledgement of the occasional exception, if you were born into Christianity that is where you should stay. Had I been born a Gentile there is no way that I, fully appraised of what Jewish Orthodoxy was about would have ever thought to convert to Judaism. Christians have it easy.”

Miriam: “It seems to happen quite often. Of the women I have known to complete gerus, rarely have I seem any remain frum or at least become very liberal in their “observance”. It’s made me stop believing in the magical/special experience or in the whole “gaining an extra soul”. I really believe some people who never intended in their hearts to be 100% observant just remain goyishe, even with a worthless piece of paper, as worthless as their lack observance. Gerus used to be as fast as one day in the past, now people say it should be so long, as to weed out those who are not sincere. It’s almost like reverse psychology. The harder it becomes, the more someone desires it. Once they have it, they just go back to the old ways. It is an increasing phenomenon.”

“I am reminded of the time I heard a rabbi speak about the time he refused to go to the wedding of one of his students and his converted fiance. Right after her mikvah immersion, on Shabbos she was on the phone talking to all her girlfriends about the wedding in her little skinny jeans. So….some people just never really intended to be Jewish, it was all am act. Those are the ones I don’t need to consult a rabbi about to know.”

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