Jewish Prop 8 Leader Has Niece Out Of The Closet

She married a girl. They both come from Orthodox backgrounds and it’s quite the talk on the East Coast. They are each accepted by their families and by their Orthodox communities.

There’s a lot of talk about Orthodoxy moving to the right, but in the way it handles this gay stuff, the Orthodox (not just the moderns but also the haredim) have moved way to the Left. Even a Haredi family, a Chabad family, wouldn’t always ask someone to leave a shul or a shabbat table because they were gay.

At all of the Modern Orthodox shuls in Pico-Robertson, people who are out of the closet get aliyot (called to the Torah, this is given to people who the community wishes to honor). One shul that booted me gave aliyot — at the request of the shul’s rabbi — to out of the closet Rabbi Steve Greenberg — his only distinguishing characteristic is that he’s very public about having gay sex while simultaneously claiming to be an Orthodox rabbi — and his gay lover at the same mincha service.

I bet if I was gay, I would not have been booted from three Modern Orthodox shuls, because they are so concerned with appearing cool and compassionate (tends to trump Torah).

If I could just talk myself into sucking a little cock for the cause, I’d be back in like Greenberg.

Why do I have to be so proud?

I could be giving lectures about being Orthodox and gay and feted all round town. I wouldn’t have to say or do anything profound or difficult. I could just look fey and put upon, which comes very easily to me.

An Un-Gay orthodox mother of four writes:

Enough with the Gay bashing! Since when are you serving as a Shabbas Goy of the Orthodox community? Do suppose the rabbis will like you better, for it? NNNot!

This is a basic Human Rights issue and as such, should be afforded to any minority needing our compassion and understanding. As a Ger, I would expect you to understand it…

Frankly, I couldn’t care less, in which whole does one choose to insert a privet part…None look pretty, to an observer from the side. This is not a criteria on how to treat each other. Enough with the dark ages theology.

Since when did the Mormon church become the Mora D’Atra of this town??? They spent over 12 million dollars in the last election in support of 8.Have you seen their Taj Mahall and sizable campus on Santa Monica Blvd. & Overland? One can’t help wondering, how many needy families could have been helped by this amount… Hippocrates, who condone multiple wives and under aged bride taking, spoke in T. V. commercials on the topic of marriage and what to teach in school… and we followed! I HOPE THEY LOOSE THEIR TAX EXEMPTION.

I am glad to read that our own Shulls give gays Alliyahs. Luke, if you can’t support their rights – at least don’t cast stones…


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