Is Sarah Palin Good For The Jews?

The NJG:  I told you so
The NJG:  Jews didn’t support Palin
The NJG:  she’s a friggin wingnut fundy
The NJG:  I could not stand her
The NJG:  you just made fun of me, I told you
Luzdedos1:  ok
The NJG:  and, I said she would SINK the ticket
The NJG:  again, you said I was full of it, YOU loved her, that everyone felt like you did
The NJG:  well YOU were wrong
The NJG:  and I was right
The NJG:  Palin SUNK McCain
The NJG:  McCain was 42% before he picked her – She started sinking the campaign with the Couric interview, which was 4 days before Sept 15 – it was OVER
The NJG:  the GOP, as long as it has FUNDIES will see AMERICA will not vote for fundies
The NJG:  and no Jews will ever vote for a fundy
The NJG:  ever
The NJG:  you’re not a real Jew unless you saw that Luke.  I smelled her christian anti-choice shit a mile away
The NJG:  you were sooooo taken in
The NJG:  I said, she just sunk McCain
The NJG:  and look what happened
The NJG:  I wrote to the GOP, Karl Rove, I said DUMP HER NOW, I’m not voting for McCain with this woman an INCH away from the presidency!
The NJG:  and I said, just WHERE do you think the fundies will go if she’s not on the ticket?
The NJG:  they’ll stay home (so what, he would have carried those red states without the fundies)
The NJG:  Please Luke get this out there.  I have written to everyone in the GOP
Luzdedos1:  ok
The NJG:  you can NOT choose an anti-abortionist on the ticket if you want to win in a national race
The NJG:  it won’t work

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