Not Everybody Loves America

Anglos created America and Anglos tend to have a closer relationship with America than do other groups such as Muslims, Chinese, Mexicans, blacks, etc. For many blacks and a minority of Jews, America primarily represents oppression.



Tribes have a different relationship to the nation state than do Anglos.

It was not until the summer of 1980, not until I got out of the cocoon of Seventh-Day Adventism, that I realized how much many blacks hated America and whites. I was coming out of a public library in Baltimore and when I held the door open for a young black boy, he cursed me out. I was shocked. “Why did you do that?” I asked. “Because I hate what your people have done to my people,” he said.

When I tried to join in the basketball games on the public courts that summer, the blacks told me they had no room for me.

When I went to Placer High School in Auburn and we played the black school, the Grant Pacers, their kids would come over to our cheering section and try to start fights with us.

As a white, I always thought of the West (Europe, America, Australia) as high points of civilization. I associated it with freedom, democracy, art, learning, culture. I thought of it as man’s highest achievement.

I think of blacks as outdoing other races in certain things such as speed, rhythm, improvisation, charisma, fecundity, rhetoric, and a strong sense of themselves as a people apart, but they never produce the types of societies where I would like to live.

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