It’s Hard To Ignore Donald Trump

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Trump is pretty hard to ignore–he’s been a huge media personality for decades. It’s unfortunate that “a calm, rational immigration patriot like Tom Tancredo” is completely ignored, but maybe that’s because his presentation is so hard to refute. It’s similar to the problem with Jared Taylor; he’s so calm and reasonable no one wants to give him any air time. Come to think of it, you never see the most famous white racist, David Duke, on TV either. Wouldn’t you think that with the constant talk about racism on TV they’d want to interview a self-proclaimed white racist? CNN does these Soledad O’Brien hour-long specials on racism in America, and yet we never get to hear from an actual racist. Obviously the media is terrified to allow such people access to the Megaphone.

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