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Recently I came across an online personality who goes by the name The Truth Will Live with whom you’ve done a number of interviews, and I wanted to thank you for having those frank, honest discussions about the controversial topics you discussed with her.

For a number of years I’d come to know of Jewish political involvement through White nationalist writers and formed opinions, as well as went as far as to troll the internet at other White nationalist’s behest which I now regret on moral grounds. Though some of what you say seems to confirm the fears of many westerners about the effects of certain factions of Jews having power in politics, it’s also good to hear that the Jewish liberal or neocon aren’t the only voices on these issues and that there are a variety of intentions and beliefs amongst Jewish people, as well as logical reasons for some of the things we perceive as threatening or dangerous.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the emotional side of an issue, especially when we fail to look at different perspectives, and it’s appreciated that you’ve expressed a perspective that many of us will never hear, as well as admitted to some of the problems people have with Judaism without excuses or denial. Most people aren’t willing to admit to their faults.

I wrote to TTWL and told her that because of your talks I’ve changed my entire stance on Israel, Judaism and Jewish people. Basically I’m admitting unknowingness or ignorance and will now approach these topics in a more agnostic manner.

My grandmother was technically Jewish by ethnicity and so would be my Dad, if what I’ve heard about matrilineal inheritance is true, but we never identified as such. It was always just that she was Russian. It’s possible that I’m the only one who my grandma told about her Jewish mother. As I’ve learned about other parts of my ancestry, I feel it would be respectful to also learn about her Jewish side and I thank you guys for waking me up to this desire to learn.

Thanks for the link. It reminds me of the Indian epic known as the Mahabharat. In the Mahabharat, there is a character named Shakuni. Shakuni is the archetypal deceiver who organizes a war in the background without taking a prominent visible position, and his motives are hard to discern. He supports the supposedly wrong heir to a kingdom and attempts to divide and conquer in support of the family he’s sided with.

In my interpretation of the Mahabharat, and the more well known section of it the Bhagvad Gita, the story espouses an ambiguity and complexity in which there aren’t easy answers as to what defines honor or morality. Shakuni is often considered to be evil, but it could also be seen as him simply doing what needs to be done to win. His, and his ally’s, enemies are not only physically stronger but are trusted in the community, too. Taking them on head first would be an automatic loss, so they use other methods.

While I think it would be more honest and traditionally honorable to be upfront about motives, I also wonder if it can be expected of these groups to adhere to such an open and honest method. Is Israel, or are the Jewish people, in a position to “play by the rules?”

But also, to look at it from another side, one would have to ask how long it will be beneficial to those groups like the ADL and SPLC as they lose respect day by day and inadvertently amplify the anti-Jewish sentiments that they are trying to fight against. Like Shakuni, the method which gave temporary victory could end up being the Achille’s heel which ultimately hurts Jews more.

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