Ashkenazi Ancestry

Chaim Amalek writes:

Ridiculous. We Yidden are no more “white” than Australian Aborigines are Chinese. I recently had 23andme analysis of my genome, and it showed that not only am I about 2.5% Neanderthal, that that I’m over 10% West African. In other words, I am a deciroon. Not too suprising, given my look, but what about paler versions to be seen in every yeshiva? JEWS ARE NOT WHITE OR BLACK OR THIS OR THAT. Because in the end, we are not goyim. We are Yidden. And to be a Yid is to transcend color. Color is for goyim.

If I were to sell a set of crayons for Yiddishe kinder, I would change the name of the color “fleshtone” to “goyfleish” and maybe include a new crayon labeled “Yiddishe Neshama” that would be invisible, but that would still over-color any other crayon…

Look at Brazil. There remain white people there, notwithstanding all of their diversity. Truth is, the dark ones covet pale blonde goyellas and so will always try to breed a few of them just to keep a supply of white girls on hand for them to rape.

West Hunter: I’m looking at abstracts on Ashkenazi genetics from ASHG 2013 and SMBE 2014 – by the same group, with Shai Carmi as the lead author. They did 128 whole genomes, 50x deep.

They concluded Ashkenazi Jews were about 50% Middle Eastern and 50% European. In the 2013 abstract, they were pretty specific: they estimated the European ancestry fraction at 55% , plus or minus 2%. ( In our book, we had a crude estimate of about 40% European ancestry.) They estimated the split between Europeans and Middle Easterners at about 9000 BC: which sounds about the right date for the entry of the Sardinian-like farmers. From other data (mtDNA) , and from the fact that you see almost zero WHG or ANE in Ashkenazi autosomal genes, one can conclude that the European admixture was mostly Italian, with some southern French. Very little German or Slavic – by that time serious endogamy had set in..

By looking at IBD segments, they conclude that there was indeed a bottleneck in Ashkenazi ancestry, ~350 individuals, followed by a rapid expansion. IBD analysis should pin this down quite accurately. They estimate that this was about 800 years ago, but I would bet money that it was a little earlier – more like 1100 years ago. In other words, the founding bottleneck, the time when the ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews moved from Italy into the Rhineland, not a later persecution bottleneck.

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