Blog: OU Featured “Sauna Bonder” Rosenblatt at Rabbinic Mentoring Events

From Frum Follies: Apparently, Executive VP Steven Weil thought otherwise when he organized the very first such event for the OU in February during the time between May 2008 when he was slated for the OU job and when he actually started in July 2009.

Los Angeles based blogger, Luke Ford, reported:

Did you hear that Rabbi Weil convened a special OU meeting/retreat last weekend in Los Angeles with six of the top rabbis in the country? What went on there? A source says: “It was a rabbinic training event for nearly – and newly – ordained rabbis. Jonathan Rosenblatt, the rabbi from Riverdale was the guest presenter.

Rabbi Weil’s decision was a serious failure on the part of the OU. Rosenblatt’s proclivity for nude sauna and shower bonding was widely known as reported in the New York Times and the Jewish Week (NY). Worse, he defended it as an ideal way to mentor younger males. Rosenblatt was not a fit mentor or a suitable model on how to mentor others.

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